Welcome to Fabufit. I am Reesa Mckenzie, creator of this awesome shack for the fabulous over 40 ladies. I wanted a place where ladies can visit and get inspired. These posts and offers featured on this blog are inspired by my love of all thing fabulous and fulfilling. Here we are featureing the things that will improve one’s well-being and help them to grow as a person.

I am an entrepreneur, traveler (explorer), blogger, Mz Fabulous, but most of all I am a mom of two grown girls still living at home (I don’t think they are ever leaving). My passions are cooking, travelling, looking and feeling good

Travelling to different places, meeting people, experiencing different adventures and sharing my experience with others is what I love to do.

As human beings coexisting in this world, we have a lot to share with each other due to our varied experiences. It is my pleasure to share with you, my readers the many things I have learned and experienced in this journey of life. It has taught me to be appreciative of each day and of people you meet along the way.

Women over 40 that aspire to be fabulous, sexy and fit.

Life begins at 40 and feeling yourself daily is the only way to being fabulous.