Is there another Agenda with the Coronavirus?

agenda with th e coronavirus

Without a doubt 2020 has been the most prolific in trials and adversity a year has ever been. The year started out fairly normal with what seemed like gossip, that China had a virus spreading to its provinces. No one expected or even though the entire world would end up being affected.

It all started in a meat market in China and ended up your backyard, taking the world by surprise and leaving thousands of dead in its path. The worst is not over, there could be a second or third wave which could be worse than the first. What is the agenda with the Coronavirus? And why it has moved like wildfire throughout the world.

The government and health agencies have brought in protocols that are installed for the safety of the country. Frequent handwashing, wearing of face mask, sanitizing your hands, and surrounding, and the killer of human interaction; social distancing. These actions have changed the world, no longer do people feel safe around others and try to distance themselves, but they get upset if you are not conforming these new norms

Conspiracy Theories

The theories have been running wild. From planned agender to one world government and everything in between. There is no doubt that coronavirus is here and is causing trouble.

Have we been brain-washed or is this just a plandemic for others agender? I do not know, but what I do know is that it is not possible that the Corona virus has affected 177 countries simultaneously and not be planned.

Well, with all the planning that has taken place many people were left ill-prepared and confused when the entire world was shut down, Economies were stopped dead in their tracks and business seized to operate. Driving through cities that were once congested and 24-hour operations were shut down. The world was at a standstill.


Though the world was at standstill, the death rate was not. The numbers were climbing steadily on a daily basis. People were devasted at losing friends and family at such a rapid rate. The hospital was overtaxed, with staff either contracting the virus or overworked. Many times, there were limited supplies to facilitate incoming patients. Not enough beds were available, and the morgues were filled to capacity. It makes you wonder is there an agenda with the coronavirus

With such a catastrophe at hand, there was the promise of a vaccine to save the world. Would this vaccine be ready in a suitable time period to save time? The answer is NO. For a vaccine to be safe to administer to humans it must go through rigorous testing and takes several years to complete. So, if a vaccine would miraculously appear on the market this quick, what would your thoughts be? Is there another agender with the coronavirus.

Some policies and Recommendations

agenda with the coronavirus

What are your thoughts when it comes to social distancing and the effects it has had on people in general? I will share my thoughts with you. We were created as social beings and when this natural behavior is altered there are negative consequences. There were a lot of people that live alone, and they were isolated for months. The non-human contact left many depressed, and anxiety levels were at a high. Basically, the number of mental illness cases rose.

The face mask revolution is here. At first, when the orders were an issue that face masks were to wear at all times while out and about, some people opposed. Now, a face mask is a fashion statement and will be here for a while. One surprising recommendation is that from Canada’s head doctor, that masks should be worn when having sex. Thru it all, there are folks that have gotten into an altercation with the non-mask wearer, that opposed to mask-wearing. The world has definitely changed, and people’s mindsets have changed.


Some folks are resting on the notion that the world is coming to an end and others think it is the onset of one-world government. Whatever it is that is about to occur we must have our heads screwed on right, have ours home in order, ourselves in order and approach head-on with clarity. Coronavirus is here for the long haul, agenda with coronavirus or not.

What are thoughts on this whole virus situation and where do you stand on it? Leave me a comment for the research I am doing. Thank you.

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