Are You Having Great Sex? If Not, Why?

Great sex

great sex

*Before doing any self-diagnosis it is important to consult with a physician and have a thorough examination done.

What turns a woman on?

  Sex should be great most of the time.

There is a plethora of things that turn women on and we are not talking the obvious turn-on methods. Women, especially of a certain age group like to be treated as special. They like to feel desirous, they like to be touched sensually, they appreciate being treated like a lady of good pedigree and they like to communicate. These are the things that turns a woman on and answer the question of ‘are you having great sex.

One thing can help in great sex is the testosterone level. It may seem odd when we mention testosterone, but it is a very important hormone in the struggle for better sex. Usually it’s men that are fascinated with the word, contending that it gives them ‘ignition fuel.’ Women should know that their sex lives are directly affected by the big ‘T.’ They don’t usually have as much as men do however, what they have will get them in a ‘horny frenzy’.

Who is having more sex

In a national social survey done in 2018 found that average aged Americans  between 35-55 were having regular sex 127-135 times a year, which a bit over twice per twice per week. On another hand, there has been a paradigm shift with seniors and how they view sex. No longer a tabu, they are talking about and seeking ways of how to prolong the activity.


Canadians are getting in it on also

While Canadians are the least spontaneous when it comes to sex, they are consistent with the day they choose to do the deed. No longer is “hockey night” the number one thing to do on a Saturday night, having great sex is the new activity.With that said, seniors ages 55-70  are enjoying a  healthy dose of sex at average 4-5 times per month.

Contraceptive not so good for the sex drive

It is said that if you have been on the ‘Pill’ for any period, then your mojo has been put in to hibernation. For whatever reason the pill can put a damper on a woman’s libido and unfortunately there are no statistics to measure the percentage affected. Now, this is not to say the ‘Pill’ is the only guilty party here. The patch, ring and the injection have been noted culprits also.

Another thing that can prevent a woman from having great sex is the present of mental illness. There are many people walking around having a lousy sex life and being aware of suffering from mental illness. This condition can put a dent in any relationship and must be treated by a professional with experience in treating mental health and sexual health




Mental health is a disease that is not partial to anyone at any stage of the life. It can affect every part of daily living, including sex and relationships. However, sex can be a catalyst between depression and low libido due to its ability for mood enhancing.

For example, depression can be a debilitating disease which can plays havoc on the libido and relationship. It creates a feeling of self-loathing and doubt. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, with some depression medication the libido can benefit, and sex improved.

Unhealthy Substances

A recent report shows that there is an alarming number of people that are experiencing low or no libido due to the excessive use of alcohol and both prescription and recreational drugs.

It has been noted that no-one has come up with a drug that will l put some heat between the sheets, as yet.  But the hunt is on by the big pharmaceutical companies for a break-through drug. Men have t a bit more fortunate with the ‘front end lifter’ Viagra.

However, with that, the hunt is on by the pharmaceutical companies for a breakthrough drug that will satisfy the need of women. In the mean while there are things that can be used to enhance the sexual experience. These are a few of the popular ones.



Lotions and creams

Books and Magazines

sexual research

Going for a more natural way with:


Is your partner the right one?

Many times, women place the blame on themselves when their sex lives are not fulfilling. Thinking something is wrong with them or they are not doing the right thing. When in fact, it’s their partner that is not ‘stirring the pot’. It could be a medical issue or the female not letting the partner know what pleases her. The women must take responsibility for her sex life and leave it  to her partner. This kinf od dissatisfaction can lead other disfunction in the relationship such as, cheating.

Ask yourself the question

Are you having great sex should be the question that is asked after each encounter. Are you satisfied, do you initiate sex? Do you communicate with your partner on any short comings; communication is the healing force of a troubled relationship.

If you are having sex less than 10 times a month this could mean your marriage is in trouble. Not including physical attribute or illness, the need to having great, healthy, enjoyable sex is umportant for emotional bonding.

Women are sensitive and delicate creatures that want to be like the queen they are but, sometimes there are forces that alter things and throws off the equilibrium of sex. With proper research and good intervention and balance, an encounter can be back with mind blowing sex.

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