Let your MIND be your Boss

Mind over matter

Your mind is the greatest tool you have

It can make you or it can break you

Use it as a guide to greatness.

Empty Bed

Positive Mindset

It is most important to believe in yourself, to subconsciously know that you can do anything. Your belief dictates your reality so, if you are not satisfied with your current state, you need to change your belief. A lot of people are stuck in a certain mindset or belief and because they have been using that mindset for a long time, they find it difficult to change. It is hard to change old habits. People fear changes and by the way, fear is a liar.

Fear is there to manipulate you and keep you stuck in your less than perfect situation. It will have you believing in things

that is not true, and all this is to hold you back from moving forward and reaching your greatness.

 Whatever you think it is what you are. So, if you think you are broke and a joke, then that’s what you are. Instead…

Your thought pattern

Think Success, power, money, happiness, great family life, a great relationship, great spirituality. All these things are attainable, now if the mind is in tune with the belief.  How to get to that state is not known. This was stepping out of the box to see change happen will be most evident.

Believe in the power of your thoughts. Think about where you want to be, how badly you want to get there and what would you do to get there. It is important to use your voice, ask what you desire. BE PRECISE with your request. This is when you let your mind be your boss

let your mind be your boss

Getting inside your head, in yourself will open the gateway to better thought patterns, clearer focus and more consistent hours of sleep. It is important that the brain gets enough rest so as to rejuvenated and repair itself. It was a few months ago that I started having major sleep issues; I had developed insomnia. My sleep pattern had been disrupted and I was now sleeping for or fewer hours per night. Some days I would be awake for twenty-four hours without sleep.

This had a negative impact on my body and brain. With the lack of sleep, I was constantly falling into a duzzy. I would be in the weirdest places and sleep would pull-up on me, like when I was at a departed friend’s funeral and feel asleep.  Another time, I was in court testifying for a friend and the judge was taking her sweet time giving instructions and what do you know…I fell asleep with snoring and all. Only to wake up to the roaring of laughter…rather embarrassing I must say. There are several more incidents I could relate, but I will tell them another time. The crazy thing is that once I got in bed at night all need for sleep disappeared and I am awake all night. This behavior started affecting my concentration and memory. I noticed that I would forget a particular

word that I wanted to use, or I found it difficult to concentrate on one topic for any period of time; distractions came easily.

My saving grace, meditation


Meditation and self-awareness were routes I took to get through this sleepless phase I was going through. This recovery did not happen over time, but with consistent work and working with a teacher I was able to see the dim light in my over-bright world. This is not to say I am sleeping nine to ten hours per night, but I am getting adequate snooze where my concentration is back, and my memory has greatly improved.

Meditation is a way of training the brain to quiet down and stop wandering. Researchers have found that the practice of meditating can play a vital round roll in reducing depression, anxiety, and fear. When meditation takes place, the brain becomes aware and can sort things out. The chaotic and confusing thoughts will calm down. Bear in mind this is not a magic pill however, symptoms will be reduced.

Who’s the Boss

Training your brain to be the boss will improve your attention span, your thoughts will become relevant and your decision making will be forth-right. No longer will fear and anxiety dominates your life and hold you captive. You will be able to put things into perspective.

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