It’s All About Sex

sex and menopause with women
Sex and menopause

It’s All About Sex…

The Menopause Conundrum

And so, the mystery is, having great sex once menopause begins could be a hit or miss for many women. It may be diminished libido, dryness down-under or simply she’s tired, which are all acceptable situations. The menopause conundrum is like doing a puzzle and the dots are not connecting and you’re wondering why? Well, it is as simple as your body is in a tipsy turvy turmoil and you need to find ways of calming it or getting it back on track.

What is menopause

Most of us know what menopause is and for those that do not, it is when the ovaries are tired and decide they are overproducing eggs and go into retirement. Then the periods stop and most time the body gets confused and starts acting up. Before the body actually transitions into menopause there is a period of time where it goes through the stage like that of a child having a tantrum. Menstruation and normal monthly cycle get disrupted and become irregular; this is perimenopause.

During this perimenopausal period, some women go through ups and downs of hormonal turmoil. There may be mood changes, which can be anxiety, depression, and irritability. These mood shifts can affect those around the person experiencing perimenopause.

How is your vagina behaving?

For some women, experiencing vaginal or sexual issues is as serious as a heart attack. Sex is a very important part of relationships and when that is disrupted folks want and answers and solutions. These specific changes in the body occur when estrogen level takes a nosedive during the perimenopausal stage. This happens over time and causes various degrees of change.

Sex drive
sex drive

One change that is evident is the changes that occur in the vagina. The canal may get smaller and the vagina wall becomes thinner, which can cause discomfort and infection. The cervix will become smaller and the mucus membrane throughout the vagina, secretion diminishes. Without the intervention of some sort, sex can be uncomfortable for both parties.

Where did the sex drive go?

Diminished sex drive in some women can put a crimp on an otherwise good relationship however, there are women that experience an increase in libido. These women are the fortunate few. Some other causes in low sex drive may be a reduction of the hormone production estrogen and testosterone; these are the sex hormones.

Another cause could be stress, which can impede sexual desire by increasing moodiness and emotional irritation.

Self-esteem issues can occur when a menopausal woman gains weight and becomes self-conscious about her body.

Let’s Fix Things

When the menopausal body is being chaotic, then it is necessary to calm things down and get them back in the right state of mind. There are various remedies that can lessen the intensity or eliminate the effect of peri or menopause altogether.

The pelvic floor exercise is one way of tightening the pelvic floor which in turn, makes the sexual experience more enjoyable. It is also known to improve incontinence and reduce pelvic organ prolapse. These exercises are safe, easy, can be done anywhere, and takes roughly five minutes.

**I will not be including replacement hormone therapy as I believe there are better ways of dealing with decreased hormones.

***If all else fails, then getting a young tender-Roni to stroke the fire might revive the engine.

Herbs for Increased Libido

Maca root

Horny Goat Weed

Jamaican Sarsparilla


Supplements that help balance hormone

Vitamin E

Vitamin C



Omega 3 fatty acid

With the hormones being balanced, the sex drive will increase, and you’ll be back to riding the stars.