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Having an active sex life is important for a successful relationship. It is a bonding time to become closer and experience great lovemaking.  With a diagnosis of diabetes, a person can live a somewhat healthy life, with lifestyle changes.  Mental state can be altered leaving relationships suffering or ending it if the emotional part is ignored. This is where diabetes and the lack of sex in the bedroom must be brought to the forefront and be discussed.

Thriving for a healthy sex life

The effect of diabetes and the side effects of medications can leave a person with many issues, which will put an elephant in the bedroom. Type two diabetes can cause sexual problems for both parties, but in this blog post, we will be addressing the fairer sex. Women seem to have a lot more issues to contend with than men. From mensuration in adolescent, childbearing and peri and menopause in later years she must suffer through. With a diagnosis of ‘type two’, there is added pressure to her life. There may be lowered libido, bad breath, diminished sensitivity and so on.

Diabetes can affect any part of the body and that includes the sexual response parts. It is important to open up the lines of communication with your doctor and then with your partner. Diminished libido is nothing to be ashamed of. Following a guideline and implementing strategies for better sex life will be a welcome enhancement.

Getting your chronic illness under control

It is important to have exercise as part of your healthy lifestyle regimen. This is a boost to the immune system as it increases blood flow to the genital and the brain. Regular schedule exercise will boost muscle mass, reduce stress and improve the sensitivity of the sex organs. Before starting any exercise regimen, it is important to have proper exercise gear, especially shoes and consult with your physician. Exercising should follow meals in order to keep glucose levels lowered and always check blood sugar after exercising.

Nerve damage or diabetic neuropathy can occur in diabetics that have not managed their illness effectively. This can cause numbness or reduced sensitivity in the genitals; in men erectile dysfunction. In a case of nerve damage, it is beneficial to incorporate touching, extended foreplay and massage to compensate in this area.

Lubricants are your friend

When dryness occurs down under it makes sex uncomfortable for both partners. Lubricants can play a magical role in bettering sex. Choose from a variety of lubricants on the market such as ones with different tastes and colors. A water-base is less likely to cause irritation or could damage the condom.

Diabetes and the lack of sex in the bedroom have caused many relationships to go south. Does your lowered sex drive affect every sexual encounter or maybe you have diminished sexual desire for your partner? This is where a marriage counselor or psychologist steps in.

Drinking and making love

These two do not go together. Making love tends to lower blood sugar and so does alcohol consumption. Combining the two could lead to dangerously low numbers. Monitoring glucose levels will keep you aware of what’s happening in your body.

Living a fulfilled with a chronic illness such as diabetes, lupus or any of the many auto-immune diseases that are affecting people is feasible. With the guidance of a doctor, a counselor, a coach and referring to the Diabetes Association, normal, enjoyable and fulfilling life is possible. Beat diabetes, don’t let it beat you.

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