Do you find you are going gray all over?

Stage of Going Grey

girl going grey

It is without a doubt that one day each and every one of us is going to make the discovery we have been dreading our entire life…finding that we are going grey. Some people have a fear of finding that first of many more to come…Grey hair makes us look old is a common perception. Hair color will change with time and it will lose its texture and color. But it not necessary an elderly person’s issue; premature graying happens to the youngest of people.

Hair starts graying because of one of many things, premature grey which happens when the pigments in the body stop producing color. Another reason is the body has the natural ability to produce hydrogen peroxide, this bleaches the hair turning it white. Also, scientists agreed that there is no correlation between stress and graying hair, it seems to be genetics. Your mama grey early and your papa did, more than likely you will also.

Hiding your grey hair

For some folks, it is like pulling teeth if they were to venture out showing their grey hair and some have opted to disguise their hair. There are several ways to hide grey hair. The most popular is hair coloring; rinse, semi-permanent and permanent.

When the invasive gray is discovered, women are first displeased, disbelief takes hold, then shocked that it could be happening to them, but that they don’t understand is that graying is just another stage of life’s journey.

With the covering of gray hair, it has been a practice for hundreds of years. Unlike today, hair was dyed using mainly plants. Though the intricate development of chemicals had not yet occurred there was the experiment of the different parts of the plant used for different colors. This practice was done mainly by the upper class. Evidence can be seen in portraits of elderly people with crisp black or woodsy brown hair haughtily posing

Going grey down there

going grey with color


When this is discovered, the options are limited. The first thought usually is to resort to dying however, dying can be dangerous for pubic hair. If you are displeased and have not yet accepted going grey there is the option of shaving it off and going ‘bald eagle’.

Gray Hair Fad

Now come 2018 and 2019 and fashion has done it again, making what people thought of as a faux pas is now a fad. Coloring the hair grey is the latest hair fad that has gone viral.

 Young adults have run with it and they have incorporated colors within with the grey to create their own style.


So, when most people find that they are going grey all over, the first thought is to cover it with dye so, nothing seems to change. It has been documented that people are afraid of change and some will do just about anything to remain constant. However, change is inevitable and accepting it is growth,

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