Dollar Store’s Skin Care Product Review

Dollar store shopping has become a way of life or many. Due to the affordability and the power of a dollar, it keeps growing. The cost of living is high, wages are low and so with that people are utilizing affordability. There is an abundance of merchandise that can be had for one to a few bucks in some dollar store. Many times, quality is a question for many of the items found however, name brands can be found periodically. Dollar store shopping is big business as more and more people are seeking ways to stretch their dollar. This dollar store skincare product review will showcase the affordable products I found.

Last week I challenged myself to go to my local Dollar Rama and find three items to test and review for quality. I choose items that I had an interest in so that I would use them and give a fair review. Finding items was not a problem, did I need it and what was the quality?

What I got

Micellar cleansing water
Cleansing water for clean, refreshing and hydrated skin

The first product I picked up was Micellar cleansing water by Daily Defense. It cleans and hydrates the skin by acting as a magnet to lift dirt and grime, leaving glowing clean skin. It is a no-rinse formula, with no alcohol or residue. Very affordable.

Nivea Anti-age Q10 hand cream
Q10 enriched hand cream for a supple smooth soft hand.

Next, I got Nivea Anti-aging q10 hand cream. A product from a company that has made a name for themselves by bringing quality products. This hand cream reduces the look of fine line s and wrinkles. After prolong use hands will be hydrated, soft and there will be an improvement on wrinkles.

Dead Sea Collection Retinol Anti Wrinkle Cream
Anti-wrinkle night cream to ward off wrinkles

Finally, we have Retinol Anti-wrinkle night cream from Dead Sea Collection. Filled with the right ingredients to facilitate healthy skin, this product found it’s way to the Dollar store. I have seen this particular cream in another well known big box store for double the price. This full moisturizer has retinol which is an excellent ingredient to fight the ravishes of wrinkles.

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