Side Hustles for Foodies to Boost their Income

Side hustles for foodies
side hustle for foodies

If you have never thought of a side hustle, then you are in the minority of people that make enough money to where they are comfy. However, the rest of us more is enough and enough is more. Making what you have enough for covering the basics is wishful thinking.  So, the plot is to have that hobby to start paying you or find a side hustle. Many times, you are giving away your service for free and not taking into consideration that is a potential business.

Getting into The Side Hustle Mine Set

 How many times has someone admired something you have done, and you concurred with them and somehow they ended up benefitting for free? For example, your friend is visiting, and you offered her a slice of apple pie, she loved it. Next, she is asking you to make her one, this is where you switch into business mode and say, “sure, I’ll send you an invoice later”. If your friend is genuine, she’ll know that you will have to buy ingredients and your time is valuable. This is how you capitalize on opportunities.

apron for side hustle
Apron for a side hustle

Let it be known what you are doing, advertise on all platforms available. The more you do, the bigger the reach you will have. I happened to be browsing through Facebook Market Place and came upon a post of a lady selling roti. It was the first time she was advertising and I thought it was a splendid idea. I just happen to love roti, made some inquiry and purchased a batch. But if this lady had not gotten into her business model, she would not have a business. Therefore, I would not have gotten to enjoy that roti.

Finding the Hustle that fits you

If you are a foodie and have an Instagram page, then you should consider ‘meal prep’. The demand is plentiful, as people are busy and don’t have time to cook, others want wholesome home-cooked meals. Some just don’t want to be eating every day at a restaurant and the next best thing to cooking is meal prep service. You can start this business by taking pictures of the food you want to offer in a food prep plan, post the pictures on your feed and give a brief description of what you are offering. Be prepared to give information to inquiries such as Pricing, delivery, and ingredients.

Getting into your niche

professional cooking
Professional Cooking

Do friends and family constantly comment on your ability to make delicious food? Do you consider yourself a good cook? Then if all these things are in your favor, you should be a “rent a chef”. This is where you are hired to cook for a function, a dinner party or someone wanting to stay home and have a meal cooked. Rent a chef is in much demand around holidays and when folks are celebrating a special occasion. Therefore, in order to get your name out there use the power of social media and word of mouth.

side hustle
Yarenh Chef knife set

Are you always telling people what to do, how to do it, when to do it and that you are a good cook? Then you should be teaching a private cooking class. This you can do out of your home or at the student’s home. If you have space, you could also do small group classes. Choose easy items that are not time-consuming and usually be done within the time of the class.

Let’s do the Hustle

There you have it, a list of side hustles that can boost your income and can eventually turn into a lucrative full-time business. Just think of the number of talents you have, from sewing, crafting, drawing, dancing or gardening to use in creating a side hustle.  I have given you the gravy now, it’s time to go do the hustle.

Let me know what is your side hustle and the difficulties you had starting up?


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