Forgive and Forget Meaning

 forgiving someone who has done you wrong should be one of the easiest things to do, but for a lot of individuals, it is one of the hardest things. Forgiving is dismissing what was done wrong to you and you are basically letting the offender off the hook. That sounds easy however, it is almost impossible for some people to forgive. If truth be told, the pain and agony they have been through, they will tell you “ I could never forgive…” The pain placed upon them has left a lasting scar or tattoo on their being and a feeling of discord. 

Unforgiveness. is a monster that is lurking within and is feeding off your spirit. Not allowing yourself to forgive someone is enabling this monster to grow and eventually eat at you and turn into hatred. Love is the answer to hatred, but in order to love, you must forgive.

In order for forgiveness to occur:

  • *You have to want to forgive and forget
  • *Identify how you feel about forgiving someone.
  • *What is it that you want to achieve when you forgive someone.

Some hurt is deep and far rooted, it has been pushed back so far it has become part of the person. It is their escape or their story. You have the power to change your story, to do what others don’t have the will power to do.  You have the courage to do what others deemed hard and the scepter to forgive has been placed in your hand.

forgive and forget
Forgiving is a beautiful thing

Self Love

Learn to forgive yourself, it is okay to mess up. This is the ultimate show of self-love. You are giving yourself permission to move on. If you made a mistake, then that mistake should help you grow and evolve into a better person. One with the insight into who you are and what your journey is. No need to belittle yourself with name-calling, you are human and as such, these things are bound to happen. You are worth it and you deserve to grow into fabulous which the Almighty created you to become.

Not only must you forgive, but you must forget. Forgiveness is key to healing and forgetting allows rebuilding.  Get over it, get it out of your spirit. There is no time like the present. Think back, have you done something to someone whether intentionally or not that may have hurt them? Wouldn’t you want forgiveness? Would you want to start over and given a second chance? Do unto others as you would like done unto you. Forgive and forget is the key to self-exploration; knowing yourself and, then growing into a better you.

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