Why I choose to eliminate gluten from my diet.

 I LOVE wheat, but it does not love me. We have had this love-hate relationship over the years that have brought me much joy and equally as much pain. There is no doubt that wheat is my nemesis. So, I made the decision to eliminate gluten in general and my life has dramatically changed.

Having an autoimmune disease you tend to speculate a lot about things you have no definitive answer for. Many of the diseases are still a mystery to the medical community and many times leave the victims (yes, we are victims) victimized and ignored or not taken seriously. Many people will tell you they were active before their diagnosis. I was basically a gym rat, in the gym five days per week.

In 2000 I had just opened my first café’ in the swanky part of downtown Toronto. It was a time of sheer pride; I had worked my butt off to be able to open that café. Things were hectic, but I loved every moment of it and so, I worked hard building a good reputation and a sound business.


It was wintertime and I had closed the café and got my girls from their after-school program, on arriving home I realized that I had left my house keys at the café. Not wanting to go back downtown I set out to find a way in the house. It took me 10-15 mins but, I found a partially open basement window and proceeded to coax my younger daughter through it in order for her to open the door. She got us in time but, by that time I was half frozen. I could feel the cold into my bones, even with a warm shower I was still cold. After that incident, I just never felt right. I knew some was wrong.

The saga continues

A month later I still wasn’t feeling in tip-top shape, then one morning I woke up and my vision in one eye was spilt. I could see the top and bottom of an image but, nothing in the middle. This was a scary moment. Having to go through tests and doctors and having a diagnosis and flare-ups was just devastating but, one thing I never felt depressed and I always had hope. Read my MS story here.

Gluten Elimination

For some reason, I developed gall stones and I refuse to take them out. My belief is that if God created us with them, then they are there for a purpose. With my gall stones, I have become sensitive to wheat. Whenever I eat anything that has wheat in it my gallstones hurt like hell and, usually last about 4-5 hours.


DOCTOR’S Recommendation

Having this issue with wheat and my gall stones sent to me to several doctors for verification. I was told everything from they have never heard anyone with gall stones with sensitivity to wheat to it’s in my head. Being frustrated, I almost decided to have them removed until I saw a video on YouTube (yes, YouTube lol). There was a lady that made a video while in the hospital where the doctors wanted to remove her gall bladder but, she refused because she had found a remedy that helped her inflamed gall stones. That video has been a savior for me. I had finally seen a naturopath doctor that made some great recommendations that have helped me over the years and, I do still have my gall stones. Even though I was told after an x-ray that I had the entire family.

Living the gluten-free life

Ten years ago, it was not as easy as it is today to find gluten-free products. I had to eat mainly rice and products made from it. I survived by doing a lot of experimenting with potatoes, both sweet and savory. Now, I add in a bit of Caribbean ground produce such as cassava, banana, coconut, and breadfruit. All of which have flour that is great to use in your favorite recipes. Life today is much easier in food preparation and eating out.  At one point all I ate in restaurants were salads, which was what I was comfortable with. Now, most restaurants carry gluten-free meals.


 I think the elimination of gluten has kept my MS manageable and my weight down. I can say that I now enjoy my food without being in agony and that is why I eliminated gluten from my diet.

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