High Time To Eliminate Your Debt And Be Free Atlast

Being FABUFIT is not only about being fabulous and physically fit but being fit and agile in all aspects of life. It’s about being fearless, b overcoming your deepest darkest fears, it’s about finding your purpose, it’s being a badass entrepreneur and knowing how to eliminate your debt and gain financial freedom. IT IS ALL ABOUT GETTING TO YOUR GREATNESS

I am going to say it loud and clear, PAY OFF YOUR DEBT. There is no way around it unless you opt for bankruptcy and that should be your last resort. Financial freedom equals debt-free. It is unbelievable the magnitude of debt individuals has put themselves in. Most people do not want to admit to their debt load but living in secrecy will not make it go away. The shame of begin in debt keeps people trapped, and many go without seeking help or finding a solution to this national crisis. It is basically keeping up with appearances or keeping up with the Joneses that have people remaining in their debt.

Consumer Debt at an All-time High

Consumer debt

In the US, as of Feb. 2019, the consumer debt exceeded 4 trillion dollars, It is said more and more people are succumbing to their debt.

it is human nature to want more, to experience more, and have more abundance. The good life is what many strive towards, but at what cost. The house on the Hill, 3 car garage, latest tech toys, luxury cars, and fabulous vacations are all part of the good life. However, their earning does not meet their expectations. Their answer to this deficit in income is credit cards and loans, which equates to the ‘death of a dream’. This is a continuous cycle that leads to being in debt and can kill any dream to eliminate your debt and create financial freedom.


There is no shame in debt, the problem is staying in debt and not having a way out. It is important to have a clear picture of your debt. Write down your monthly income, your cost of living, what are your expenses. At this point, you will get a clear picture of what your debt looks like and can you afford all your expenses.

Tabulate your debt

A solution to a more precise view of your finance is writing down all your expenses and set up spending guidelines for your spending. Decide on using cash to make purchases and payments, then park the credits cards. Having a spending journal will help you track your daily spending and help you set up a system to reduce it.

Finance is one of the nation’s biggest concern, whether you are rich or poor there are concerns regarding finance. People worry about how much they spend, how are they going to increase their income, how are they going to keep what they have, and if they are rich the concern is how are they going to make more money or keep what they already have?

This is a subject worth examining, we are taught to never ask someone about other political views, their religion or their money. But money is a topic that needs to be addressed in this forum. Too many people are having challenges with their finances. It is important to look at the relationship with money. Is it a healthy relationship, do you respect money or are you worshipping your money? An unhealthy relationship with it can hold you back from achieving your financial goals. Once you are aware of the importance of money and it’s the ability to change lives you can develop a new mindset

Having money mindset

Deciding to eliminate your debt and get out of the debt jail can bring relief to someone having challenges in this area. Your mindset has to be in tune with your actions; making changes is one thing, but having to rewire your thoughts on money maybe a tad more difficult. Your mindset or relationship may have been created since you were a child and is planted in your brain. Understanding that money is important, and everyone has a right to it will give you and anyone else a different perspective. You will know that you can go and make money and you deserve to have an abundance.


Acquiring debt is inevitable, but one does not have to accept the situation. There are skills to learn how to acquire and maintain a debt-free life. Changing your mindset will give you the upper in managing money and enjoying its benefits.



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