How to treat a 40 yr old body?

HOW TO TREAT A 40 YR OLD BODY and having it looking good

Hallelujah! You are in your forties and you feel your body has finally got to the point where you understand it. The re is the known factor that ice-cream will bloat you, chocolate makes your acne break out and hair shrinkage is a beast. With all that said you are happy with it at this point. Until someone like me comes along and asks, “how to treat a forty-year-old body”. It makes you take a second look at what it is that you do to maintain a healthy body.

Taking Care of Your Hair

Your hair is your beauty, if anyone says differently is because they have none. Haircare can be defined as your personal routine caring for it. This may consist of shampoo, conditioning, treatments, trimming and or style. Using the right products for your hair type will ensure healthy hair. Many times it may be necessary to seek out specialized products to combat an issue.

Skincare for women over forty

How to treat a forty year old body
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Taking care of your skin at any age is paramount. Therefore, keeping wrinkles and fine lines away is doable with a skincare routine. The first thing is to understand your skin, what makes it happy and what makes it not so happy. So, your skin can be oily, dry or a combination. When you first start out in your teens or early twenties your skin could maintain itself with little help from you. But as you age it becomes more dependent on you for customized care.

If you an unaware of your skin type or what kind of product to use, then contacting a skin professional is your best bet.

Even though your skin has been deemed oily, dry or a combination it can change according to whats going on in your body, your diet or the weather. All these things can dictate a change in the visibility and health of your skin. Taking care of your forty-year-old skin means properly washing with a ph-balanced cleanser, toning, moisturizing and using a serum as an added arsenal. This regimen will help keep your face soft and supple.

How to treat the skin on the rest of your body

The skin the largest organ and so there is more of it than anything else you’ve got. Taking care of your overall body can be a lot of fun, There is a plethora of body scrubs and washes that are available. Exfoliating the body keeps it smooth and soft by removing dead skin. Using a rich skin butter will add the needed moisture after exfoliation. Sometimes the skin needs a boost and an application of vitamin C serum will do the trick.

How to get your health on in your 40-year-old body

How to treat a forty year old body
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I don’t believe in treating only the outside of the boy because the inside is just as important in having a healthy body. Eating a balanced diet will ensure that the body gets the nutrients it needs to be healthy. Sometimes you are not able to get all the nutrients from food and so supplementation is required. A good multivitamin is usually all need to supplement your diet. Drinking sufficient water to keep you hydrated is good for colon health. To top off all these good practices, I should mention sleep. A good night’s rest, between 7 and 8 hours of sleep is recommended by, experts.


How to treat a 40-year-old body is no different than you would treat your 30-year-old skin. But with the exception of a few customs added products. know your skin type to better care for it. Many times it is not what you put on the skin that is going to serve you best, but you put into it.

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