Losing Weight after the age of forty

butt and waist size increasing
butt and waist size increasing

For most of us an inspection of ourselves in the mirror will bring forth nothing but fault findings. We will be looking for things that are not there and when we do find something, we obsess about it. You will be looking and see that one grey that has appear and it seems the end of your youth. Looking in the mirror and noticing you are looking a bit rounder and wonder, is my butt and waist size increasing? Belly fat usually is the culprit to waist size increasing.

Your answer is evident by the evidence, are your clothing fitting the same, have you weighed yourself or have you changed your eating habits. Once you have reached a certain age it is important to reevaluate, you’re eating and work out plan. There is no way you can continue eating the same way you ate in your twenties now that you are in your forties. Your body will burn food different; your caloric intake will be different and how you burn calories will be different also.

It is necessary to make effective changes to your eating and lifestyle today in order to have a healthy tomorrow. Change your relationship with food, how you interact with it and the choices you make.

The father of medicine, Hippocrates claimed to have said, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Choose the foods that will heal and render good to your body. A variety of whole foods will ensure that the body receives the highest nutritional value. Organic fruits and vegetables may play a part in delivering pesticide and GMO-free food.

The nitty gritty of losing weight after forty

It may seem like it is impossible to lose weight after the age of forty, due to the fact of trying a wide range of diets without achieving the results you are looking for. By the way, all is not lost. There are many ways to lose weight and keep it off after the age of forty. The main thing about your new journey is to develop good habits toward food and exercise.

At the age of forty the metabolic rate slows down, and the body requires fewer calories to operate. This makes the body require less food however, food consumption does not usually change and therefore, leading to belly fat. Metabolism is the process in which the body uses food and calories for energy. So, supply according to the demand of the body, the excess will result in butt and waist size increasing. In order to minimize the expansion of the butt and waist, it is recommended that calorie-burning foods be consumed.

Your Metabolism has decided to slow down

Instead of cutting calories, eat more fat burning foods

When you were at a younger age your body would burn calories without any problems however, now that you are over forty your body is not doing everything you want it to do. And that is because your metabolism has slowed down.

Being able to eat your food without worrying about your overall health and gaining, then knowing that the result will be fat burning is a relief to those concerned individuals. It is great having a variety of fat-burning foods in the diet that are colorful, delicious, and nutritious. Foods like Quinoa, an assortment of berries, grapefruit, avocado, salmon, olive oil, steel cut oat, cabbage, and apples. These are best consumed regularly being incorporated in your regular eating plan. If they are prepared deliciously, then their consumption will be more.

Changing how you work out

Exercising is great for toning the body and achieving the curves where you want them. It is also great for weight to lose however, how you exercise is important. Regular cardio is good, but HIIT is better. Weight training is a must if you want to accelerate weight loss. Increasing your activity level will help you reach your goals.

Changing how you work out with High Intensity Interval Training

More than likely after the age of forty belly fat has become an issue and will not go away with regular aerobic exercise so, one has to change up their way of doing it. Hitt will allow you a better body mass and level out insulin which is a correlation to belly fat.

There are several alternative methods of losing weight that is beneficial. One that is popular is the infrared sauna. This is where you would enter into an enclosed space that has infrared light. The body will slowly heat up, and excess sweating will occur thus, removing toxins and fat.


After the age of forty you noticed that your butt and waist size increasing, it is no fault of your own. Hormonal changes and wreak havoc to your body. Your metabolism is not firing as before, and the calories are not burning as they once were. Adjusting your food intake and what you eat can be beneficial to your outcome. The body requires a different set of practices for exercising and weight training in order to lose weight successfully. Overall, getting a healthy and fit body is possible with a little tweaking to your regimen and a lot of consistency.