Really! You need to go to the Movies

Life can become rather routine and repetitive without you being conscious of it. You fall into the trap of daily living. Many times, family and work take precedence over your well-being, and if you are one of those overachievers, then you will have other responsibilities on your agender. You feel that your time is not y our own, Really! You need to go to the movies.

Out of your comfort zone

You are out of control

Going to the movies will help you to relax and focus on something that does not require your input. For the most part, your days are revolved around you making decisions and being involved directly in whatever is going on. Some folks would say, ‘So, why not just stay home and watch Netflix?’ I say, “NO”. Being at home can be distractive and you will still be involved in something, you need to be alienated from the normal environment.

Taking this time out will rejuvenate your spirit, refresh your mind and give you a sense of balance. It was a couple of years ago, I felt overwhelmed and an out of control. I was uptight and it started affecting my sleep. I would go to bed and foe at least two hours I was still awake and the sheep I was counting had all fallen asleep. When sleep came, I would be startled awake within minutes; anxiety. Therefore, with this happening, I became aware that I needed to unwind more

 Now, the difficult part was unwinding without going away on a mini-vacay. I want to clear my head and concentrate on something other than work. My daughter, Nikki was the one that invited me to the movies; the best thing she could have done for me.

At the movies

Interestingly, I blocked out work and pending issues while I watched the movie and concentrate on what was on screen. After the movie my head felt lighter; I am not saying everything was fixed there and then. However, it took a few times of going to realized that the anxiety had decreased and on movie nights I was able to sleep 8 hours.

Proper sleep is fundamental to good mental health, there is also the chance of losing weight. Sleep overall heightens the senses and you feel you can take on the world. So, it ‘s time to go to the movies, reduce your anxiety and get some snooze


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