OutSmart Colds and flu

outsmart colds and flu

It is disrupting to hear of all the colds and flu making their way around and most recently the Corona Virus. Some of the viruses have no vaccine to combat the effect of them.  Not to get distrait, there are things you can do to reduce the chance of contracting and out-smart colds and flu.

Here are some suggestions to kick start your immune system and put your body in a kick fighting mode to ward of any infiltrator.


According to studies done by several universities on supplementing shows that supplementing is vital in building the immune system. Some supplements can put up a shield and encourage the immune system to battle and defend the body.

Suggested vitamins to aid the body: Vitamin C


                                                                   Cod liver oil



Investing in your nutrition is beneficial in both surviving fighting a virus or a cold. Using choice food to strengthen and protect is crucial in fighting other attacks one the body. Changing your diet to include an increased amount of fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, seafood, and limited red meat will build a strong immune system. Your fighting chance will increase and winning the war with cold and flu.

Take in Sunshine for Immunity

Your body needs vitamin D to be strong and protect itself. During the summer 20 minutes of sunshine gives the body its daily dosage. It is a bit harder sometime to get enough shine light so, this is where supplementation comes in. Taking 1000ui daily will help. Check with Your healthcare professional for customized recommendations.

Getting your snooze on

Proper rest is vital for a strong body. It is important the body is conditioned and ready to defend itself against all obstacles. When the has gotten enough sleep, the immune system is restored, and the T cells will be more effective moving around the body and protecting it.

Grandma’s Home Remedies

If someone in the home has contracted the flu, cut 2 onions in halves and place a half in each corner of the room. Onion is a known powerful natural antibiotic. It is said to keep bacteria and viruses at bay.

Hand Washing

hand soap
hand sanitizer

This act should come naturally as part of anyone’s daily routine. Wash hand once you have been in the public, if you have touched any surface, shake someone’s hand and have you been handling money or your cell phone. It is mandatory to wash your hands after every bathroom visit.

Contracting the flu virus can sometimes be frightening however, it is best to stay calm, collect yourself and start off with some remedies to outsmart colds and flu. The rest will come naturally.

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