Skin Care Routine for 40-year-olds

skin care for 40 year

It is great being in my forties. I never thought I would be saying this because in my thirties I dreaded the big 40. I got to forty and it was no big deal(ha), Life went on as usual and I didn’t turn into an old bat. So, somethings remain the same though, the technique or routine changed. Like we all need to have a skincare routine. However, the skin care routine for 40-year-olds is different than when you were in your thirties.

Don’t be fooled by packaging

I have always had great skin, never had troubled with acne or any related skin issue on my face, Though, I did have a bit of eczema on my arms, but I quickly irradicated that with my homemade eczema cream. Therefore, when I hit forty and noticed that I had developed a sensitivity to the sun, I was flabbergasted If I am in the sun for a minute my skin would start to turn extremely dark. But only on my face. My resort is sunscreen and more sunscreen. 

skin care for 40 year old
Protect you from harmful rays.

What you need to know is that the skincare we try has been designed by persons unaware of your skin and what issues you are having with your skin. In that event, don’t be fooled by the promise of a miracle and the packaging. Products need to work on the skin and not your pocketbook. It is not the amount of money you spend, but the quality of the product. There are many good quality products that are easy on the pocket and you get a bang for your buck.  

Care for your body

Once you have reached your thirties your main concern is antiaging. How to keep the fine lines away and keep moisture in

When the forties arrive the skin is ready for more personalized skincare, here is a body scrub to smooth rough skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple.

In a large bowl beat brown sugar and oil until both are combined. Add vanilla and continue to mix well.

Apply vanilla brown sugar scrub to damp body and massage into skin for 10 minutes. Rinse and moisturize.

Face Time

This is when fine lines and wrinkles start being obvious on the face. The objection is to be specific with antiaging and serum for added moisture and protection.

skin care for 40 year old

Retinol is a great arsenal to have in your line of defense. It is a synthetic Vitamin A that is used to combat wrinkles, age spots, and signs of aging. It can be purchased out the counter or for more intense use a prescription is required.

skin care for 40 year olds

If you wear makeup itis important to remove all trace of it. Use a makeup wipe to take the makeup oof and cleanser to remove dirt.

It is important to add a serum to your regimen. Serum offers skin nutrients it needs to be hydrated and combat wrinkles.

The tip to looking great in your forties is moisturized, moisturize and more moisturizing. You can not moisturize enough. Skin care routine for 40-year-olds is to protect and maintain what you have

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