Surefire Ways to Make Money on Pinterest and carve your niche

The 40 year old woman wants to make money on Pinterest just like anyone else.

make money on Pinterest

Well friends, if you have not been using Pinterest to make money and to get exposure, then you have been missing out. However, all is not lost, you can play catch up.

Let me explain a bit about Pinterest. This amazing platform is a search engine and not a social media platform. I know a few people are going to be disappointed, but for people like me, I love it the way it is. It is where you can pin and save images and optimize them with good keywords Folks searching can find your pins even if they are not following you.

Getting to know Pinterest and make money

It is a platform that is being used by bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to facilitate their need for traffic to their site. Although you do not necessarily need a website to use Pinterest, you do need to know the mechanism of the platform and how things work.

 It is documented that 89% of users are using Pinterest for purchasing decisions, inspiration, and motivation. This makes it perfect for the 40+ entrepreneurs and marketers who are looking for something more sophisticated to make money on Pinterest. With that being said, there are several ways to make MONEY ON Pinterest. A person can sell their own products and services, for example, eBooks, physical products. There is also the opportunity of affiliate marketing and that of a virtual assistant.

Establish your niche and authority

This is most important carve out your niche. People like to be able to pinpoint what your pins about and things look cohesive. For example, my blogs Fabufit Woman and I cater to the 40 year and over woman. So, whatever content I produce it has to be of benefit to her. That is having a niche and I am also establishing my brand, Fabufit Woman.

The 40-year-old female entrepreneur will need to step up her game on Pinterest and do somethings that will grow her account and have her making money.

So, I suggest getting Tailwind. This is a powerful tool that will escalate your Pinterest viewership therefore, your income will increase.

Tailwind will allow you to share and organize your pins and get visitors to do the same thing. Have a strategy for pinning in Tailwind and utilize the boards.

Relevant Boards to maximize Pinterest

Pinterest is tickled when you create relevant boards and place your pins there for organic exposure. It is best to get in the habit of doing things the right way as it makes things easier. The premise is to have relevant contents pinned in relevant boards.

So, optimizing your boards is necessary for massive Pinterest traffic. You should get in the habit of optimizing each of your boards.

If you need confirmation for what I am about to say, you should do your due diligence and research. It has been statistically proven that you can make money online with Pinterest. The testimonials are plentiful on the Pinterest platform and on YouTube. The numbers are staggering, and this is only the start of the new online culture. Though Pinterest is a favorite for bloggers to get traffic to their site, there are other ways to make money on Pinterest.

make money on Pinterest

There are several opportunities that affords you to make money and one is affiliate marketing. This a lucrative opportunity that if done right the payoff is great. And for some affiliate offers, you do not need to have a site. Another way is to be a Pinterest manager. For this you will be simply managing accounts by pinning and arranging your board clients and anything else to do with the account.

So, FOR Pinterest success, you want to know your niche, who are you marketing to, and are you fulfilling their needs.

With that said, making money consistently on Pinterest is doable with just a few things in place you should be on your way to financial freedom.