The deadly side of snoring

Deadly side of snoring

No one likes hearing that they snore. The first thing that comes to mind is to object, but how do you know if you snore or not. A couple of ways to find out is to ask your bed partner id you snore and if breathing stops or are you struggling for air. Under normal circumstances, snoring is not deadly but can be rather annoying to your bed partner. Snoring occurs when the airway is obstructed for one reason or another and depending on the issue there can be a deadly side to snoring.

If you wake up gasping for breath or have excessive daytime drowsiness where you tend you fall asleep easily and anywhere or you find that you have elevated blood pressure, you snore.

What can lead to snoring

Alcohol consumption

Nasal problems

 Sleep deprivation

Sleep position


There are many sides to snoring, the not so bad, the bad and the ugly. Let’s start with the not so bad, excess weight can cause the throat to thicken and narrow the airway or the piece if the tissue that’s hanging from the back of the throat(uvula). This may thicken and grow so when breathing there is a vibration which is how the snoring occurs.

The bad side of snore is when the muscle tone in the throat has weakened.

A deadlier side to snoring is being overweight and having excess fat in the throat making it bulky and harder for airflow. It could also be a signal that there may be a problem in the brain. This deadly side of snoring can also affect women that menopausal or post-menopausal. This can lead to decreased health with heart attack, stroke, and accidents.

Want to stop snoring?

All is not lost when it comes to excess snoring, there are ways in overcoming this infuriating issue. First, the reason for snoring must be identified and then action must be taken.

Weight loss is appropriate

Reduce alcohol intake

Change sleep position to side sleeping

Get proper rest and take naps during the day

Visit your doctor regarding nasal and throat issues

Try Air Snore…a natural sleep solution for a better night’s sleep. It is possible to get over snoring and have a quiet night, make changes, your bed partner will thank you.

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