How fear occurs

An example of fear is being fearful of ghosts even though you have never encountered one, but the thought of seeing one makes you uncomfortable and maybe even your heartbeat will increase. Nervousness will set in and even the fear of the dark will develop. The fear of one thing can be materialized into other additional fears and before you know it you have become a fearful person.

Fear is the emotional challenged perception that something is wrong. It is emotional because it is subjective to you, while the other person may not find anything wrong or threating. It is an unpleasant emotion that leaves you distress, feeling debilitating, and seeking a way to return to normality.

Where does FEAR develop?

Fear starts in the brain. The brain is a complex organ with a myriad of nerves which are like wires running through it. These wires are connected intricately in order to communicate by sending signals throughout the body.

The perception of fear takes place, then the fight or flight reaction emerges This is not something we consciously or automatically trigger.

IT COULD SIMPLY BE A THOUGHT, A SENSE OR A REACTION TO SOMETHING OR SOMEONE and then these hormones are released. They are called adrenaline and noradrenaline which can cause changes in the body such as, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and cold sweat, etc. These responses are a reaction to the fight or flight response which intent is to help you with survival in a dangerous situation.

All About Fear

In all reality, fear is a reaction that the body needs, without it survival would be short-lived. It enables us to be aware of the danger and to survive. It prevents you from running across a busy highway or it can keep you from playing with an alligator. Therefore,  fear is needed, as it keeps you from making rash decisions that may not be to your best advantage. It is said that fear in some people could be that of an evolutionary instinct or maybe genetically transferred or predisposed through generations.

The fear of certain things like snakes and scorpions and bats is real in people that have never encountered them before, but because the fear is predisposed from past generations it is real in today’s time. Intrusive thoughts will be constant and knowing how to deal with them will help. The book Overcoming Unwanted and Intrusive thoughts helps put things into perspective. It also shows how the brain manipulates your thoughts and you into believing a myth.

We will all experience fear at some point and without a doubt, it’s going to stop us in our tracks, but we can get past it with the right tools and support. Never let fear keep you from moving forward, keep you from making decisions or keep you from achieving greatness. Let it be a temporary hindrance to your journey.

Fear is being afraid of a thought.


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