I have MS, so what?

What causes MS

I have ms, so what

Multiple Sclerosis is an auto-immune disease that affects the neurological parts of the body. In other words, it affects the brain causing what many calls the brain has short circuit” THE WIRING IS INTERRUPTED BY INFLAMMATION and no signal is getting through from the brain to the rest of the body. Recent reports that the virus Epstein-Barr has a direct correlation with this disease. Not all diagnosis stems from the Epstein-Barr virus. I truly believe this conclusion. When I was diagnosed with MS I was tested for the virus and the result came back positive. This was 20 years ago, and they had no idea what to do with the information. AT THAT TIME NO ONE KNEW EXACTLY WHAT CAUSES MS and everyone’s MS is different.

OPTIC Neuritis threw me off my game.

That fateful Wednesday morning 20 tears ago I woke to spilled vision in my left eye. I had no idea what was going, I kind of brush it aside due to the fact I owned a cafe and had to go open it up and get ready for the morning rush. I worked all day with my defective eye but, decided to see the doctor later. After seeing the doctor, I was immediately given an appointment the Ophthalmologist first thing in the morning. Getting there my nerves were on edge and this doctor had the sympathy of an ax murderer. After the tests were completed, she blatantly said, “It’s optic Neuritis and you are going to get MS.’ Then I was was usher out with a reminder go back to my doctor so, I can be referred to a neurologist. To say the least, I was in shock.

Then the diagnosis came I was sent to St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto where I was assigned to the most amazing and brilliant Neurologist in Canada. Dr. Trevor Gray was an Iconic man in MS TREATMENT AND RESEARCH.

He was not only my doctor he was my friend. When the myriad of tests including a most uncomfortable spinal tap was done and the results were in, he delivered them with compassion. HE TOLD I WAS GOING TO BE JUST FINE, this was just a hiccup in my journey. He told me that this MS WASN’T ALL ABOUT MEDICINE, but about my will power, strength and my spirit to overcome. When he said I have MS, I SHOOK MY HEAD BECAUSE I WAS READY TO DO BATTLE.

The Battle came sooner than expected

A month later after the diagnosis, I woke up one morning to absolutely no balance. I could not walk without toppling over, my head was spinning, and I had a massive headache. With all that going I was alone at home alone so, I called my cousin and told him what was happing. Within a few minutes, he was at my house. We proceeded to the hospital with urgency. I was taken to St. Michael hospital, examined and was admitted immediately. I was in a full-blown MS attack. THEN IT REALLY HIT ME ‘I HAVE MS.’

Everything went downhill from there

MULTIPLE Sclerosis had ravished me BY THIS TIME. I LOST the use of my legs, my speech declined, the use of my hands was limited, and I was scared. But I remembered Dr. Gray’s words and I put on my armor of protection, my God. I was determined to conquer this setback…the search started for help in the natural remedy world. My sister in law introduced me to an herbal doctor by the name of Dr. SEBI (he was just starting out and not popular). I CONTACTED HIM AND HE RECOMMENDED A TREATMENT PLAN which consists of body detox, HEALING THE INFLAMMATION in my body and rebuilding the body.

THE HEALING Process of multiple Sclerosis

Dr. SEBI’S TREATMENT was an integral part of my healing along with physiotherapy and massages.  THE PROCESS OF HEALING TOOK ONE YEAR FOR ME TO FULLY GET BACK MY MOBILITY. I STAND TODAY WITH THE KNOWLEDGE that I can do all things through the Almighty who strengthens me AND IT DOESN’T IF I HAVE MS


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