The Legalization of Marijuana and Side Hustle Opportunities

legalization of marijuana

How things have changed with the legalization of marijuana

My views on this Marijuana issue is of no significance since the laws have changed without my consent. However, I am going to chime in on some creative ways in which money can be made without selling it in the raw form. Many people still perceive it just as a drug or plant medicine however, it is more than that. Marijuana is a lifestyle, with the ability to be an alternative to pharma drugs that are prescribed and comes with all kinds of side-effects. So, now with the legalization of marijuana, the conversation can start about the benefits that come with the new law.

Victory for some

This new development has been a long time coming for the legalization of marijuana or the authentic name, Cannabis. Canada has stepped forward and finally surrendered to the liberal movement of Cannabis legalization. The battle has been long, with quite a few prisoners taken in the fight. Rest assured it was a struggle taken on by many, some had legitimate reasons and others like the cause’. Those that were against it are now on the bandwagon because they see the lucrative opportunities available. These people are celebrating a victory they hoped would never happen.

No Hippie Festival happening in the cities

legalization of marijuana

Though it is a great feat that has occurred not everyone is ecstatic about the victory. Many are saying that the implications of legalizing marijuana have not been addressed. But it has been, and it has been proven that legalizing it would be beneficial for both the government and the public in general. Those oppose are afraid there may be a widespread increase of marijuana use. However, now they see that will not happen. The legalization of marijuana occurred and there is no nationwide hippie-festival going on.

The flavor of it all is how much marijuana is allowed? First, the legal age for purchasing is 18 in Quebec and Alberta, then 19 in the rest of the country. For those unfortunate souls that were convicted of marijuana possession of 30 grams or under will be pardon.

Opportunity in the Making

With this new legislation on the ability to legally buy recreational marijuana, the stakes are up. There are a plethora of opportunities opened in the marijuana industry. Cosmetic companies are widening their reach in the market with advanced products containing cannabis.  Canadians are now able to purchase items with active cannabis ingredients. There are companies playing sports drinks, protein powder and supplements that are taking advantage of this new law. With that said, there many opportunities to benefit and profit from the growth of the industry.

Joining the Bandwagon of legalization of marijuana

I am usually careful when choosing a company to partner with, based on a few past experiences which were not flavorful. However, I came across a company that meets all my requirements on how a company should conduct business. Their products are top of the line, meaning quality cannabis is used in the creation. The compensation package is so amazing and unique the company copy right it (have you ever seen that). There endless ways to make money in this company. It was just named the number one company to join in 2018 and 2019.

The struggle

legalization of marijuana

It is no doubt that the struggle has been real. For those fighting for their cause now, is the celebratory time. Where people have the right to buy legalized recreational marijuana. It has been legal for over a decade to have in your possession of medical marijuana, but never recreational. People are elated, and many feel vindicated after the long struggle. This is the time to get in on one of these opportunities as a side hustle and eventually turn it in a fulltime business.

Opportunities are budding everywhere in the marijuana industry and people are benefiting financially. If you are skilled with a sewing machine, this is right up your alley. Marijuana carries a distinctive odor and not everyone likes walking around smelling like it. Making little carry pouches, made of fiber that is not breathable or lines the inside of the pouch with durable plastic. You advertise your product where marijuana users hang out.

Wrapping it up

Raw Classic Natural Unrefined King Size PreRolled Rolling Paper Cones 
Portable Roman Style Tool, Flannel Storage Bag and 10 Stainless Steel Mesh Screens, Classic Gift Set

The use of rizzler(brand) is a must, this is the little square piece of paper that is used to roll the weed before smoking it (street name for marijuana). The opportunity is to have customized rolling paper. Set up a website and offer different design, a person could have their paper customized to their liking ie name or their brand. Contact the supplier of the rolling paper and talk design, again advertise where marijuana users hang out.

A Bite of Weed

If you are skilled in the kitchen, then you may want to investigate the culinary aspect of marijuana. There is a rather large market forming for edible products. From candies to brownies, cupcakes, puddings to savory foods and drinks. Again, find where weed users hang out and advertise there

Products and more products

The marijuana craze is real and there are several companies that have come on the scene with a wide range of products containing CBD. It’s as if they have found the ‘tree of life’ and explaining it. CBD oil is the derivative of the marijuana plant. These companies are giving the average person the opportunity to partner with them and promote the products. You can grow a sustainable business with a bit of motivation and hard work.

Badass Company

Here is a company CTFO that kicking butt in the CBD oil world. They are a company that specializes in high-end cannabis-based products that has been proven to improve lives. Their products range from healing oils to cosmetics to supplements. Here is a company that has given interested individuals the opportunity to start a legitimate business FREE, yes free of charge. The compensation plan is so good they had to copy-right it. View the-one-of-a-kind opportunity here.

So, here is your chance to take advantage of a booming product that is in its young stage of development. Explore opportunities and take the leap of faith in a business.


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