The Legalization of Marijuana and Side Hustle Opportunities

legalization of marijuana

How things have changed with the legalization of marijuana

My views on this Marijuana issue is of no significance since the laws have changed without my consent. However, I am going to chime in on some creative ways in which money can be made without selling it in the raw form. Many people still perceive it just as a drug or plant medicine however, it is more than that. Marijuana is a lifestyle, with the ability to be an alternative to pharma drugs that are prescribed and comes with all kinds of side-effects. So, now with the legalization of marijuana, the conversation can start about the benefits that come with the new law.

Victory for some

This new development has been a long time coming for the legalization of marijuana or the authentic name, Cannabis. Canada has stepped forward and finally surrendered to the liberal movement of Cannabis legalization. The battle has been long, with quite a few prisoners taken in the fight. Rest assured it was a struggle taken on by many, some had legitimate reasons and others like the cause’. Those that were against it are now on the bandwagon because they see the lucrative opportunities available. These people are celebrating a victory they hoped would never happen.

No Hippie Festival happening in the cities

legalization of marijuana

Though it is a great feat that has occurred not everyone is ecstatic about the victory. Many are saying that the implications of legalizing marijuana have not been addressed. But it has been, and it has been proven that legalizing it would be beneficial for both the government and the public in general. Those oppose are afraid there may be a widespread increase of marijuana use. However, now they see that will not happen. The legalization of marijuana occurred and there is no nationwide hippie-festival going on.

The flavor of it all is how much marijuana is allowed? First, the legal age for purchasing is 18 in Quebec and Alberta, then 19 in the rest of the country. For those unfortunate souls that were convicted of marijuana possession of 30 grams or under will be pardon.

Opportunity in the Making

With this new legislation on the ability to legally buy recreational marijuana, the stakes are up. There are a plethora of opportunities opened in the marijuana industry. Cosmetic companies are widening their reach in the market with advanced products containing cannabis.  Canadians are now able to purchase items with active cannabis ingredients. There are companies playing sports drinks, protein powder and supplements that are taking advantage of this new law. With that said, there many opportunities to benefit and profit from the growth of the industry.

Joining the Bandwagon of legalization of marijuana

I am usually careful when choosing a company to partner with, based on a few past experiences which were not flavorful. However, I came across a company that meets all my requirements on how a company should conduct business. Their products are top of the line, meaning quality cannabis is used in the creation. The compensation package is so amazing and unique the company copy right it (have you ever seen that). There endless ways to make money in this company. It was just named the number one company to join in 2018 and 2019.

The struggle

legalization of marijuana

It is no doubt that the struggle has been real. For those fighting for their cause now, is the celebratory time. Where people have the right to buy legalized recreational marijuana. It has been legal for over a decade to have in your possession of medical marijuana, but never recreational. People are elated, and many feel vindicated after the long struggle. This is the time to get in on one of these opportunities as a side hustle and eventually turn it in a fulltime business.

Opportunities are budding everywhere in the marijuana industry and people are benefiting financially. If you are skilled with a sewing machine, this is right up your alley. Marijuana carries a distinctive odor and not everyone likes walking around smelling like it. Making little carry pouches, made of fiber that is not breathable or lines the inside of the pouch with durable plastic. You advertise your product where marijuana users hang out.

Wrapping it up

Raw Classic Natural Unrefined King Size PreRolled Rolling Paper Cones 
Portable Roman Style Tool, Flannel Storage Bag and 10 Stainless Steel Mesh Screens, Classic Gift Set

The use of rizzler(brand) is a must, this is the little square piece of paper that is used to roll the weed before smoking it (street name for marijuana). The opportunity is to have customized rolling paper. Set up a website and offer different design, a person could have their paper customized to their liking ie name or their brand. Contact the supplier of the rolling paper and talk design, again advertise where marijuana users hang out.

A Bite of Weed

If you are skilled in the kitchen, then you may want to investigate the culinary aspect of marijuana. There is a rather large market forming for edible products. From candies to brownies, cupcakes, puddings to savory foods and drinks. Again, find where weed users hang out and advertise there

Products and more products

The marijuana craze is real and there are several companies that have come on the scene with a wide range of products containing CBD. It’s as if they have found the ‘tree of life’ and explaining it. CBD oil is the derivative of the marijuana plant. These companies are giving the average person the opportunity to partner with them and promote the products. You can grow a sustainable business with a bit of motivation and hard work.

Badass Company

Here is a company CTFO that kicking butt in the CBD oil world. They are a company that specializes in high-end cannabis-based products that has been proven to improve lives. Their products range from healing oils to cosmetics to supplements. Here is a company that has given interested individuals the opportunity to start a legitimate business FREE, yes free of charge. The compensation plan is so good they had to copy-right it. View the-one-of-a-kind opportunity here.

So, here is your chance to take advantage of a booming product that is in its young stage of development. Explore opportunities and take the leap of faith in a business.


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9 Surefire Ways to Keep crow’s feet away

The eyes are what a person sees first when they approach someone. They are appealing because they capture the true essence of a person. So, it is important to find ways of preventing and know how to keep crow’s feet away.

What are crow’s feet?

To say the least, crow’s feet eyes and wrinkles around the lips are two of the most bothersome issues women are facing in their daily skin care regimen. Crow’s feet occur on either side of the eyes, they can extend out from the eyes to the side of the face. It occurs with the repetitive contraction of the circular muscle around the eye, the name is just too long. And so, with a decrease of collagen in the skin and less elasticity indentation occur which is known as crows’ feet. 9 Surefire Ways to Keep crow’s feet away

Other causes of crow’s feet…

As good as the sun it can also cause havoc to our skin. Ultraviolet radiation and UVA is another culprit of crows’ feet. These rays go in and penetrate deep into the skin, damaging collagen production on the folds of the skin. Another cause is squinting the yes, whether in the sun, against the wind or smoking which is a major threat to your body and that of your skin.

All is not lost, there are ways to combat crow’s feet.

 If caught early the effects can be minimized with eye cream or fillers.

Deciding what is right for you

When it comes to eyes, moisturizing is key, but not all moisturizers are the same. There are literally hundreds of eye creams on the market that are claiming to all do the same thing. It all comes down to the quality, kind of ingredients used and personal preference. Before we get into creams let’s talk about sunscreen and the benefits. Even though sunscreen will not get rid of them but will keep crow’s feet away.

Save your skin with sunscreen…

Thinkbaby – Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+, Broad Spectrum Protection

keep crow's feet aqway
  • Nonchemical formulated
  • Non-greasy and no white streak
  • Hightest level of broad-
  • spectrum UVA and UVB
  • Con
  • Slight chalkiness is reported

keep crow's feet aqway
mineral sunscreen
  • Mattifying formula
  • Lightweight hydration
  • Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Non-streaky
  • 40 minutes of water-resistance
  • Con
  • Higher price point

Not only is it beneficial for the slowing down of crow’s feet, but prevention of skin cancer, which is common around the eye. My recommendation is to use a baby mineral-based sunscreen which is gentler on the delicate skin around the eyes. If you find that it is too illuminating you can use a tinted sunscreen over it for added protection. Tinted ones have iron oxide which protects from PR pigmenting lights.

Finding the right eye cream

Now, there are a plethora of eye creams available and making a choice can be tricky. It all comes down to personal preference and quality of the product.

SHVYOG Anti Aging Eye Cream, Natural Firming Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles, Eye Bags,  crow’s feet

keep crow's feet away
  • Anti-aging
  • Plant-based product
  • Easily absorb into the skin
  • 100% natural

keep crow's feet away

Anti-Aging Eye Cream 15ml, Edelweiss Stem Cells,

  • Repair and protects delicate eye area
  • 2x Gold award winner
  • Deep cellular rejuvenation
keep crow's feet away

24k Eye Cream Hydrating Rejuvenating Removes Bags Under Eyes New Anti-Aging Formula Reduce Fine Lines Rich with Vitamins

  • Hyaluronic and Rosehip oil
  • Super hydrating and rejuvenating
  • Battles premature aging
keeps crow's feet away

Under Eye Patches – 24K Gold Under Eye Masks with Hyaluronic Acid, Anti-Aging Collagen Under Eye Pads 

keep crows feet away
  • Regenerate skin cells
  • Strengthens the skin
  • Improves skin texture
  • help smooth out wrinkles

The beauty of Sunglasses

Sunglasses should be worn to protect the eyes and surrounding from damaging UVB and UVA

. Where whenever in the rays or anytime you leave the house. YOU QUAINT WHEN YOU RE OUTSIDE, THAT MEANS YOU NEED SOME SUNGLASSES.

keep crows feet away
Uva & Uvb Protection Sunglasses For Women Men, Vintage Rimmed Eyeglasses With Gold Floral Decor For Outdoor Activity
keep crows feet away

CGID Oversized Polarized Sunglasses for Women UV400 Protection Shades with Rhinestone

Dollar Store’s Skin Care Product Review

Dollar store shopping has become a way of life or many. Due to the affordability and the power of a dollar, it keeps growing. The cost of living is high, wages are low and so with that people are utilizing affordability. There is an abundance of merchandise that can be had for one to a few bucks in some dollar store. Many times, quality is a question for many of the items found however, name brands can be found periodically. Dollar store shopping is big business as more and more people are seeking ways to stretch their dollar. This dollar store skincare product review will showcase the affordable products I found.

Last week I challenged myself to go to my local Dollar Rama and find three items to test and review for quality. I choose items that I had an interest in so that I would use them and give a fair review. Finding items was not a problem, did I need it and what was the quality?

What I got

Micellar cleansing water
Cleansing water for clean, refreshing and hydrated skin

The first product I picked up was Micellar cleansing water by Daily Defense. It cleans and hydrates the skin by acting as a magnet to lift dirt and grime, leaving glowing clean skin. It is a no-rinse formula, with no alcohol or residue. Very affordable.

Nivea Anti-age Q10 hand cream
Q10 enriched hand cream for a supple smooth soft hand.

Next, I got Nivea Anti-aging q10 hand cream. A product from a company that has made a name for themselves by bringing quality products. This hand cream reduces the look of fine line s and wrinkles. After prolong use hands will be hydrated, soft and there will be an improvement on wrinkles.

Dead Sea Collection Retinol Anti Wrinkle Cream
Anti-wrinkle night cream to ward off wrinkles

Finally, we have Retinol Anti-wrinkle night cream from Dead Sea Collection. Filled with the right ingredients to facilitate healthy skin, this product found it’s way to the Dollar store. I have seen this particular cream in another well known big box store for double the price. This full moisturizer has retinol which is an excellent ingredient to fight the ravishes of wrinkles.

8 Things I did in 2019 that I won’t be doing in 2020

At the beginning of the year, it’s great to sit back and put your life in perspective5r, It is refreshing to have the mind work overtime. Glimpsing into the future that each one of us can create based on our mindset. I can glance in retrospect and see what for one reason or the other. It is important that I can dissect my goals and understand where I failed. If I fail to review my past, then I am on the path to repeat.

Setting goals and having a plan is not the issue, as we should do that. However, it is the execution that matters. Sometimes we end up doing things that will not benefit our greater good or just out of character. We notice that the results we are after are not coming and we wonder why. The reason being, we did things we shouldn’t have done, that gained us nothing.


As we are in a new year and a couple of months have passed, I was able to look back and see my faults. Here are 8 things I did in 2019 that I won’t be doing in 2020.

  1. Adjusting my price to suit customers- When a customer thinks your price is too high, you fall victim to auctioning off your merchandise, Know your worth.

2. Skimping on quality-If you’ve got a top-quality product, no need searching for manufactures at a cheaper price. You know you’ve got to pay for quality so as, to pass it on to customers.

3. Ignore whining customers- Costumer service is the key to any good and profitable company. It is your best interest that customers are happy with your service. The best business is repeat business and the best advertising is word of mouth.

4. Remove distraction while working-In most of our home office a lot of distraction that impedes the quantity of work. Sometime s you can be surprised at the end of the day that much was not completed. Turn the internet off while working if you can work offline and the phone is constantly ringing. Small child ren should be situated ed and heading

More don’t’s

5. Stop offering credit – Credit is like sex; some people get it and some don’t. This one of the first things I did when the year started. A habit like offering credit to broke customers will jeopardize the business.

6. Not having designated work hours- Fitting work hours when you have the time to do so. You’re at home business should be treated like a regular job, with specific work hours scheduled. TREAT IT LIKE A HOBBY and it is going to pay you like one.

7. Not paying my self a salary- This is a business and your business; you should be paid for your efforts. If the business is not making money yet, pay yourself something small. This will always jolt the memory that your work has value.

8. Forgetting to take a vacation-Working without taking time off, even if you are self-employed can is a prescription for burnout. The mind and the body can ger weary if it is continuously doing something daily without a relaxing break called a vacation.


Being a stay at business owner is an accomplishment to be able to stay at home and make a decent living. However, it does come with faults that can be a hindrance in business growth so, a person must be able to identify issues and fix them.

Make Money Opportunities and are they for Canadians.

make money opportunities
make money opportunities

Boosting your income in Canada is mainly doable by simply getting a second job. The make money opportunities or side hustle are not widely available as in the US. Canadians just don’t seem as aggressive when it comes to becoming massively successful through these kinds of opportunities. The drive and the hell-bent “I must do it” attitude are a far way off. They are known as docile and peacemakers while Americans are cut-throats when it comes to making money opportunities.

Canadians will walk through the garden and take the time to smell the roses, while their cousin and the close neighbor will walk through and trample the plants. There seems little regard for sniffing anything but, money. In retrospect, their docile counterpart may just take some trampling classes and get some fire in their step

Things Canadians do to make extra Money

Make money opportunity would be profitable by having a widely popular early morning garage sale and sell your hockey card collection for 50 cents. Or a bake sale with grandma’s special bran muffins, that your neighbor raves about each time they see you. Panhandling may end up being a profitable opportunity. Folks seem happy to hand out to strangers that they know nothing about, rather than help a friend that’s taken a financial hit.

Maybe it is the great social service that is available why folks are not as aggressive in seeking alternative income. Or maybe it’s the injustice to small businesses that is a turn-the off or it could be that Canadians are comfortable being just where they are.

10 stupid things me do

The respect Canadians have on Money

Old money seems to be integrity money, new money is deemed temporary and a folly. It seems like people respect old money because of the nature of how it came, hardship and length of time it took to accumulate it. While people are becoming millionaires over-night with a smartphone and a bank account. To think of it in the right mind-frame, it takes ingenuity and a steel backbone to be able to conceive that notion. Money is money, it is the respect that is put on it. Whether great-grand pappy left it, or you made it selling cyberspace real estate, it matters not.

Making money from advertised opportunity is an art, not everyone’s project is going to come out looking the same. Some are going to be good and success and others looking like shit and a flop. Don’t blame the product, it’s the game.

Side Hustles for Foodies to Boost their Income

Side hustles for foodies
side hustle for foodies

If you have never thought of a side hustle, then you are in the minority of people that make enough money to where they are comfy. However, the rest of us more is enough and enough is more. Making what you have enough for covering the basics is wishful thinking.  So, the plot is to have that hobby to start paying you or find a side hustle. Many times, you are giving away your service for free and not taking into consideration that is a potential business.

Getting into The Side Hustle Mine Set

 How many times has someone admired something you have done, and you concurred with them and somehow they ended up benefitting for free? For example, your friend is visiting, and you offered her a slice of apple pie, she loved it. Next, she is asking you to make her one, this is where you switch into business mode and say, “sure, I’ll send you an invoice later”. If your friend is genuine, she’ll know that you will have to buy ingredients and your time is valuable. This is how you capitalize on opportunities.

apron for side hustle
Apron for a side hustle

Let it be known what you are doing, advertise on all platforms available. The more you do, the bigger the reach you will have. I happened to be browsing through Facebook Market Place and came upon a post of a lady selling roti. It was the first time she was advertising and I thought it was a splendid idea. I just happen to love roti, made some inquiry and purchased a batch. But if this lady had not gotten into her business model, she would not have a business. Therefore, I would not have gotten to enjoy that roti.

Finding the Hustle that fits you

If you are a foodie and have an Instagram page, then you should consider ‘meal prep’. The demand is plentiful, as people are busy and don’t have time to cook, others want wholesome home-cooked meals. Some just don’t want to be eating every day at a restaurant and the next best thing to cooking is meal prep service. You can start this business by taking pictures of the food you want to offer in a food prep plan, post the pictures on your feed and give a brief description of what you are offering. Be prepared to give information to inquiries such as Pricing, delivery, and ingredients.

Getting into your niche

professional cooking
Professional Cooking

Do friends and family constantly comment on your ability to make delicious food? Do you consider yourself a good cook? Then if all these things are in your favor, you should be a “rent a chef”. This is where you are hired to cook for a function, a dinner party or someone wanting to stay home and have a meal cooked. Rent a chef is in much demand around holidays and when folks are celebrating a special occasion. Therefore, in order to get your name out there use the power of social media and word of mouth.

side hustle
Yarenh Chef knife set

Are you always telling people what to do, how to do it, when to do it and that you are a good cook? Then you should be teaching a private cooking class. This you can do out of your home or at the student’s home. If you have space, you could also do small group classes. Choose easy items that are not time-consuming and usually be done within the time of the class.

Let’s do the Hustle

There you have it, a list of side hustles that can boost your income and can eventually turn into a lucrative full-time business. Just think of the number of talents you have, from sewing, crafting, drawing, dancing or gardening to use in creating a side hustle.  I have given you the gravy now, it’s time to go do the hustle.

Let me know what is your side hustle and the difficulties you had starting up?


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Valentine’s Day dessert recipe book for lovers

Valentine's Day dessert book. Love Bites

Not often you come across a small simple Valentine’s Day dessert book for lovers. When I saw it I had to smile at the intention of this book. It was simply to get couples spending time together in a fun way, doing something they will both enjoy. After all, everyone loves dessert and the thought of actually making it with your love is kinda cool. It is none other than “Love Bites” by Miz Cherry Blossom

Have fun baking

Love bites...Godiva chocolate

I personally got this book and the price was extremely affordable…less than my coffee in the morning. My special guy and I will be having fun attempting to make some of these desserts. Although, I know he doesn’t know the oven different from the dishwasher we’ll have a roar.

The first thing is going to be the German chocolate cake since that is my all-time favorite dessert. Valentine’s Day is upon us and this is a neat little book to have in your collection…Enjoy

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OutSmart Colds and flu

outsmart colds and flu

It is disrupting to hear of all the colds and flu making their way around and most recently the Corona Virus. Some of the viruses have no vaccine to combat the effect of them.  Not to get distrait, there are things you can do to reduce the chance of contracting and out-smart colds and flu.

Here are some suggestions to kick start your immune system and put your body in a kick fighting mode to ward of any infiltrator.


According to studies done by several universities on supplementing shows that supplementing is vital in building the immune system. Some supplements can put up a shield and encourage the immune system to battle and defend the body.

Suggested vitamins to aid the body: Vitamin C


                                                                   Cod liver oil



Investing in your nutrition is beneficial in both surviving fighting a virus or a cold. Using choice food to strengthen and protect is crucial in fighting other attacks one the body. Changing your diet to include an increased amount of fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, seafood, and limited red meat will build a strong immune system. Your fighting chance will increase and winning the war with cold and flu.

Take in Sunshine for Immunity

Your body needs vitamin D to be strong and protect itself. During the summer 20 minutes of sunshine gives the body its daily dosage. It is a bit harder sometime to get enough shine light so, this is where supplementation comes in. Taking 1000ui daily will help. Check with Your healthcare professional for customized recommendations.

Getting your snooze on

Proper rest is vital for a strong body. It is important the body is conditioned and ready to defend itself against all obstacles. When the has gotten enough sleep, the immune system is restored, and the T cells will be more effective moving around the body and protecting it.

Grandma’s Home Remedies

If someone in the home has contracted the flu, cut 2 onions in halves and place a half in each corner of the room. Onion is a known powerful natural antibiotic. It is said to keep bacteria and viruses at bay.

Hand Washing

hand soap
hand sanitizer

This act should come naturally as part of anyone’s daily routine. Wash hand once you have been in the public, if you have touched any surface, shake someone’s hand and have you been handling money or your cell phone. It is mandatory to wash your hands after every bathroom visit.

Contracting the flu virus can sometimes be frightening however, it is best to stay calm, collect yourself and start off with some remedies to outsmart colds and flu. The rest will come naturally.

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5 Best cosmetic treatments for your money

Taking Care of your face.

As women, we put our beauty second to none. How we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us is different, however, it is important. Having your best face forward is as easy as having one of the best cosmetic treatments for your money. There is a myriad of treatments available, but in this post, we are talking about the most bang for your bucks. Cosmetics treatments and procedures can run you in the tens of thousands of dollars. Our goal is the most effective treatment at the most affordable price.

best cosmetic treatments
Love your skin

Affordable Treatments

The treatment is tiny needles are rolled over the skin, piercing it as it moves along. Growth factor should be added to the skin and the depth of the needles be deep enough so, it is effective in the treatment of acne scarring, firmer skin, sunspots, and wrinkles. The cost can vary however, it will still be very affordable.

Chemical Peel- This is the resurfacing of skin that is not at its optimal best. This procedure is the removal of the upper skin(epidermis) with a chemical that is formulated to burn the skin and eventually new skin will appear.

Retin A(Tretinoin)

According to skincare professionals, RetinA is the best and most effective anti-aging cream available, today. People spend hundreds on anti-aging products, and they are not getting the results they desire.

Intense Pulse Light-Photo-finish-

Photorejuvenation- is a treatment for all the things you hate that happens to an aging face, hyperpigmentation, large pores, and broken capillaries. This method is safe, noninvasive, tailored to your need and is affordable.

Dysport-(lite Botox)- works just as well as regular Botox, but at a more affordable price. It is botulinum toxin which is injected into the skin and block sparsity from the muscles. It is usually administered every 2-3 months.

Upper Blepharoplasty (Upper Eyelid lift)- Excess skin hanging on the upper lid and it may be less than desirable or cause vision issues. This is a great procedure if you want a bigger bang for your dollars. Downtime is in the range of 35 and 45 minutes.

Cosmetic treatments are not an excuse for proper skincare. It is an addition to achieve maximum results that enhance the features.