What are facials? And the best care for your face

What are facials?

what are facial?

Facials are a girl over forties best friend and yes guys need facials too. I love getting facials done, but I am not able to get one every month so, I opted to do at-home facials. These I find works just as well as the ones done in the spa. Over the past couple of years, I have tried several recipes for anti-aging since I am a woman over forty and want to preserve my skin. I went on a mission to find the best homemade facial recipes and have discovered several. Here’s I am sharing my find with you.

What are facials? It is a special method used to clean, replenish, and rejuvenate the face.

There are professional and home facials and they are both effects in taking care of the skin.

Getting a professional facial should entail getting a consultation, then a skin analysis. The facial procedure should be:

Cleansing of the skin






Moisturizing and treatment

Amazing Brightening mask

2 tbsp rice flour

2 tbsp tomato puree

2 tbsp yogurt

1 tbsp rose water

Combine all ingredients together and store in an airtight container for4-5 days.

To use: Apply to face generously and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse, apply toner and nourish skin with a serum and/or moisturizer.

Tighten Lighten and Brighten Mask

1 tbsp Vaseline

1 egg yolk and 1/2 the white

1 tbsp rice flour

Mix ingredients together and apply to face and neck, then leave on for 20 minutes, rinse, tone and moisturize.

Moisturizing and rejuvenating serum

1 tbsp shea butter

1tbsp rosehip oil

1 tbsp aloe vera gel

1tsp vitamin oil

1 tbsp castor oil

Whip all ingredients together in a mini blender. Apply to face at night for moisture and rejuvenation.

what are facials

It is important to have a facial at least every 4 weeks for pampering and self-care, which is important for a balanced life.

It is important to visit a qualified esthetician for your skincare needs. They specialize in taking care of the skin and administering non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Though they are good at what they do, however, they are not allowed to diagnose skin disease or ailments. What they are allowed is to do is make suggestions as to products and regimens.

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17 Best Last-Minute Valentine day gifts that will score you points

Before you know it Valentines Day is here and you find that you are not prepared. You forgot to get a gift for that special person in your life. However, all is not lost, we are Fabufit has put together a list of last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

All is not lost, thanks to online shopping and its convenience, not to mention speedy delivery giving a great is possible.

Here are the best last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts to surprise your significant other.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for guys

!. Real Gin Making Kit

gn making kit
Gin kit
17 last minute valentines day gift
gin or coffee

If you have a martini drinker in your lie, then this is the ideal gift. Not only will they be happy about the gift, but they will also enjoy it.

  • Easy to Make
  • Fun
  • Affordable
last minute valentines day gift

Upgraded Car Jump Starter, GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh (Up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine)

This in no way your granddaddy’s car starter, it is an upgraded, technologically savvy car charger, that even charges your phone. The perfect gift for a special guy, he will appreciate the thought put into his gift. He will love the protection from, over-voltage, over-current, and overload.

There is a large battery power capacity of 1800amh and can last 3 to 6 months in sleep mode, however, is suggested that it is charged up every 2 months.

last minute valentines day gift
  • Long Standby time
  • Powerful
  • easy to use
  • super safe

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Headphones

What guy is not going to love the professional headphones. ATH offers a comfortable listening experience that appeals to the listener. It comes with upgraded strong material, sound isolation, and minimal sound bleed.

last day valentines day gift

Garmin Fenix 3 HR GPS Multisport Smartwatch, Gray

This is a smart gift for a guy that is into fitness or interested in his overall health. This handsome watch will sit boastfully on his wrist, showing the black silicone band that is resistant to discoloration. GPS capabilities, heart rate monitoring, and water resistance up to 100 meters. Battery life up to 2 weeks in smart mode.

last minute valentines day gift
  • Recovery Advisor
  • Fitness Training Features
  • Fitness tracker

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, streaming media player

This is the fire tv Stick that puts a blaze under your viewing capabilities. No longer is it boring to watch tv or listen to mush. Technology has improved how we entertain ourselves. You will have access to thousands of movies and tv shows, music will be at your fingertip and Alexia will make things comfortable. What could be a better Valentine’s day gift?

last minute valentines day gift

All-new Kindle, now with built-in front light – Black

For the reader this the ultimate gift for accessing thousands of books. Knowledge increases with reading and so this will open up a world of new information and experiences. We choose to put the Kindle on out last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts idea because of the great value and the fact that reading is fundamental.

last minute valentines day gift

1 BY ONE Belt-Drive 3-Speed Portable Stereo Turntable with Built-in Speakers

For the music lover, this awesome and fun gift will put a gig in their step. This lightweight turntable plays satin-smooth ballads and is easy to operate. They will be able to play the music of vinyl records, from the phone and tablet and it comes with its own headphones. With a trendy retro style, this turntable is easily transported to wherever you want to take it.

last minute valentines day gift

Green Avocado Halves Necklace Set For 2 Handmade

Do you want to give something handmade that is special? This avocado necklace says it all. It’s saying love, originality, meaningful and lasting. This is na gift that will not be forgotten.

last valentines day gift

Luxor Linens – Terry Cloth Bathrobes – 100% Egyptian Cotton His & Her Bathrobe

Luxurious and comfortable bathrobes are just fantastic gifts. Everyone loves comfort and these offer that and more. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton and is of the highest quality. They are soft and plush with luxury stamp all over. Make someone happy this Valentines Day

His and hers bathrobes-last minute vcalentines day gift
Valentines day gift

Beard Grooming Kit w/Beard Growth Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Shampoo/Wash, Beard Brush, Beard Comb

Here is the finest beard kit and it is the most affordable, with organic and hydrating ingredients. It comes with everything for beard care, moisturizing shampoo, beard balm, conditioner, a comb made out of wood and a brush made from boar bristles. Your man will love his beard even more with his beard care kit.

Beard care kit- last minute valentines day gift
beard care kit

Beautiful Scents for beautiful people

You can never go wrong gifting quality scents. beautiful scents draw people to you. Most times they are inquiring what the person is wearing when we smell a lovely scent. Quality scents are being made affordable and we have twi in our list of last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts.

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11 The Best Drugstore Skincare for mature woman’s skin

Skincare should be a priority in your regimen of self-care. Not only do you want to do good skincare from the outside, but you want to ensure it from the inside also. Good skincare does not mean expensive but using quality products that will do the job. With that been said, the best drug store skincare for mature skin should include vitamins, minerals, and ingredients that buffer wrinkles.  Taking care of aging skin will ensure that the skin stays healthy and diminish the telltale signs. Nothing is as disheartening as skin that has not been taken care of and is in bad condition.

Drug store products do work, they have active ingredients that are tested and approved. They are also affordable and easy to come by.

It is important that skincare for mature skin contains three or more of these ingredients.

Vitamin A- This aids skin health and appearance. This vitamin support moire than the skin,  it helps with eye and immune function and reproductive health. It is also converted by the liver to Retinoid.

Vitamin C- The benefit for skin includes antioxidants to reduce free radicals. Acne prevention is another benefit  

Vitamin E-




If you would like to boost your hydration to quench and smooth your dry wrinkled skin.

Neutrogena Hydro-Boost is an oil-free gel moisturizer that gentle enough for daily use. Refresh your face and see the dramatic results.

Lightweight, perfect for under makeup or on its own.

Formulated with a hyaluronic acid serum that boosts skin cells and hydrates for more supple skin.

Amazing products to try

neutrogena hydro boost

Roc Daily Resurfacing Disks is the holy grail when it comes to skin renewal. It is gentle, but effective in removing dead damaged skin surface to reveal new smooth skin. This can be used daily until the desired results are achieved.

Roc resurfacing disks

Burt’s Bees Sensitive


Eye Cream- eye wrinkles are usually first to get noticed on mature skin, not with Burt’s sensitive eye cream. Covering every basis of eye care and diminishing the look puffiness, discoloration, and tiredness of aged eyes. Burt’s Bees is known for quality and affordability that has the integrity of ingredients used in their products.

Blink your best eye

Body oil

This is the bomb!*

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil- This is a unique formulation that enhances and rejuvenates the skin that has matured. A little goes a long way. Great for smoothing and toning the face and body. It helps with stretch marks and scar removal.

Bio-oil skincare
Smooth out aged skin

StriVectin TL Advanced Light Neck Toning Cream- Known to fight the effects of gravity, this specially formulated neck cream lessens neck wrinkles. It is lightweight, non-greasy and effective in achieving a sculpted neckline.

StriVectin TL Advanced Neck Cream
Smooth out neck wrinkles

Himalaya Botanique Neem & Turmeric Natural Face Wash & Cleanser for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin- For mature skin that needs moisturizing and rejuvenation. For oily skin cleans dirt, makeup and reduces acne outbreaks. Active ingredients are Tumeric, Neem, Vitamin E and coconut extract that promises to leave skin soft, supple and moisturized.

Himalayan botanique Neem and Tumeric face wash
Face wash for oily skin

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser- Recommended most by a dermatologist for those with sensitive skin. Non-soap cleanser, oil, and fragrance-free. Will not leave skin dry, itchy or irritated.

Face cleanser

Puriya Dry Cracked Skin Moisturizer. Gentle Body Lotion, Hand, Foot, Face Cream. – Yes, the mother of all cream. Tried and tested by over 300,000 families. A rich cream that replenishes dry withered skin, bringing it back live with moisture. Containing among other things linolic acid, Rare lysine amino acid and rejuvenating lipids for younger more glowing skin.

Puriya Dry cracked skin moisturizer
Mother of all creams

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Advanced Anti-Aging – Excellent for dehydrating the skin. Moisturizing skin formula that penetrates the skin surface improving texture elasticity. Infused with luxury ingredients that will sculpt and smooth the skin.
Olay Regenerist

Drug Store items

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails with Biotin, Skin and Hair Nutrients-Formula for the enhancement and recovery of skin, nail, and hair. Develop for women by people that understand their needs.

Hair, skin, nail gummies
Hair nail skin

Garnier SkinActive Facial Mist Spray with Rose Water- vegan formulated. Derive from natural ingredients to hydrate the skin. Use throughout the day, with no rinsing required

Garnier SkinActive mist
Refresh face

Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly- This is pure gold for the skin. Use this jelly to combat dryness on the body, lips, feet, and hands. It traps moisture and l3eave you feeling soft and supple.

Vaseline Original petroleum jelly
combat dryness

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Stop doing these 3 things and eliminate Poorness

Three Things That Keeps You, Poor

compulsive shopping
Happily shopping

It is often said that bad habits are worse than a curse. They can lead you down the path of being poor, despite working hard and bring home the bacon. The things we do consistently determines our outcome, whether good or bad. `When there seem to be more days than your paycheck can cover, it makes you wonder who has their hands in your pocket. If you are experiencing this, then you need to read this article and stop doing these three things and eliminate poorness.

Eliminate These 3 things

Impulsive shopping– This can be defined as unplanned purchases. Retailers have moved to strategically influenced buyers to whip their cash arc edit card out and make these purchases. Things are crafted in such a way to grab their attention and psychological drive them to spend.

There is the thrill of compulsive buying that activates the feel-good flow, serotonin. Many times, this kind of behavior is habitual and hard to kick. This behavior can lead or contributes to poorness.

Living without a budget– Budgeting is one task that will keep the average person on track in their financial goals.  It is impracticable to function monthly without a guide. A budget will help to utilize each dollar to its fullest and ensure that goals are met, and bills are paid.

Not being consistent– Not doing things constantly and only occasionally will not be of many benefits in growing or reaching a goal. There is no way doing anything half-heartedly is going to make significant changes in your life. You will only get half-hearted results.


Stop being ungrateful

Being ungrateful is a crime. Because you are blessed with life, health and strength and a mode of providing for yourself, one should never be ungrateful. Many people are in a state where they are not equipped with the knowledge or the tenacity to do things for themselves.

Instead, add these to your daily life

Get to know God, build a relationship with him and He will guide your path.

Budgeting for sensible spending

Live within your means

Start paying off your credit card balance

Whatever is done to improve your financial status should be done consistently. This will ensure that there is a compound effect and maximum achievement will be the result. Doing things constantly will build momentum and eventually becomes a habit.

Become consistent in actions to improve your life. Develop a winning attitude, because it is a habit.

The deadly side of snoring

Deadly side of snoring

No one likes hearing that they snore. The first thing that comes to mind is to object, but how do you know if you snore or not. A couple of ways to find out is to ask your bed partner id you snore and if breathing stops or are you struggling for air. Under normal circumstances, snoring is not deadly but can be rather annoying to your bed partner. Snoring occurs when the airway is obstructed for one reason or another and depending on the issue there can be a deadly side to snoring.

If you wake up gasping for breath or have excessive daytime drowsiness where you tend you fall asleep easily and anywhere or you find that you have elevated blood pressure, you snore.

What can lead to snoring

Alcohol consumption

Nasal problems

 Sleep deprivation

Sleep position


There are many sides to snoring, the not so bad, the bad and the ugly. Let’s start with the not so bad, excess weight can cause the throat to thicken and narrow the airway or the piece if the tissue that’s hanging from the back of the throat(uvula). This may thicken and grow so when breathing there is a vibration which is how the snoring occurs.

The bad side of snore is when the muscle tone in the throat has weakened.

A deadlier side to snoring is being overweight and having excess fat in the throat making it bulky and harder for airflow. It could also be a signal that there may be a problem in the brain. This deadly side of snoring can also affect women that menopausal or post-menopausal. This can lead to decreased health with heart attack, stroke, and accidents.

Want to stop snoring?

All is not lost when it comes to excess snoring, there are ways in overcoming this infuriating issue. First, the reason for snoring must be identified and then action must be taken.

Weight loss is appropriate

Reduce alcohol intake

Change sleep position to side sleeping

Get proper rest and take naps during the day

Visit your doctor regarding nasal and throat issues

Try Air Snore…a natural sleep solution for a better night’s sleep. It is possible to get over snoring and have a quiet night, make changes, your bed partner will thank you.


Women’s health

Having an active sex life is important for a successful relationship. It is a bonding time to become closer and experience great lovemaking.  With a diagnosis of diabetes, a person can live a somewhat healthy life, with lifestyle changes.  Mental state can be altered leaving relationships suffering or ending it if the emotional part is ignored. This is where diabetes and the lack of sex in the bedroom must be brought to the forefront and be discussed.

Thriving for a healthy sex life

The effect of diabetes and the side effects of medications can leave a person with many issues, which will put an elephant in the bedroom. Type two diabetes can cause sexual problems for both parties, but in this blog post, we will be addressing the fairer sex. Women seem to have a lot more issues to contend with than men. From mensuration in adolescent, childbearing and peri and menopause in later years she must suffer through. With a diagnosis of ‘type two’, there is added pressure to her life. There may be lowered libido, bad breath, diminished sensitivity and so on.

Diabetes can affect any part of the body and that includes the sexual response parts. It is important to open up the lines of communication with your doctor and then with your partner. Diminished libido is nothing to be ashamed of. Following a guideline and implementing strategies for better sex life will be a welcome enhancement.

Getting your chronic illness under control

It is important to have exercise as part of your healthy lifestyle regimen. This is a boost to the immune system as it increases blood flow to the genital and the brain. Regular schedule exercise will boost muscle mass, reduce stress and improve the sensitivity of the sex organs. Before starting any exercise regimen, it is important to have proper exercise gear, especially shoes and consult with your physician. Exercising should follow meals in order to keep glucose levels lowered and always check blood sugar after exercising.

Nerve damage or diabetic neuropathy can occur in diabetics that have not managed their illness effectively. This can cause numbness or reduced sensitivity in the genitals; in men erectile dysfunction. In a case of nerve damage, it is beneficial to incorporate touching, extended foreplay and massage to compensate in this area.

Lubricants are your friend

When dryness occurs down under it makes sex uncomfortable for both partners. Lubricants can play a magical role in bettering sex. Choose from a variety of lubricants on the market such as ones with different tastes and colors. A water-base is less likely to cause irritation or could damage the condom.

Diabetes and the lack of sex in the bedroom have caused many relationships to go south. Does your lowered sex drive affect every sexual encounter or maybe you have diminished sexual desire for your partner? This is where a marriage counselor or psychologist steps in.

Drinking and making love

These two do not go together. Making love tends to lower blood sugar and so does alcohol consumption. Combining the two could lead to dangerously low numbers. Monitoring glucose levels will keep you aware of what’s happening in your body.

Living a fulfilled with a chronic illness such as diabetes, lupus or any of the many auto-immune diseases that are affecting people is feasible. With the guidance of a doctor, a counselor, a coach and referring to the Diabetes Association, normal, enjoyable and fulfilling life is possible. Beat diabetes, don’t let it beat you.

Fabufit Woman

10 Ultimate Christmas Gift that will blow their minds

When there is someone in your life that has everything and buying them gifts seem impossible, you need to do research on a higher-end gift idea.

Ultimate Christmas Gifts

For the sports enthusiast, the Garmin Forerunner35 GPS watch with heart rate monitor is the ultimate gift to impress them. With its high-performance heart rate monitor and GPS function make this gift exceptional. This watch is sleek stylish and appropriate not only for sporting activities but for everyday wear. The Garmin Forerunner 35 has several features including incoming call notification, Facebook notification and will show text messages. It is waterproof with a sturdy band that switches out easily.

For the hard to buy for a person that is into a recreation hobby of smoking weed, this weed bomb will blow excite their mind. This gold sleek pipe is the ultimate luxury in the pipe and easily be carried in the pocket for privacy. This little device is not an e-cig or vaporizer.

For the glam queen this blinged-out tissue box will be nothing, but sheer excitement

For the person that you are clueless as what to give for a gift, the poo pourii before you go bathroom spray makes the perfect gift. It is a fact that we all go to the bathroom and leave behind obnoxious smells. It is never a pleasant scent and this is where poo pourii comes in, A spritz of the combination of these essential oils will have you confidently stepping out of the bathroom.


Cologne is always a surefire gift

Shaving Cream

The Art of Shaving Bourbon Shaving cream is the Roll Royce of shaving cream with a full lather and lovely scent, the special guy in your life will thank you.

Wireless Earbuds

This is definitely the coolest gift to give someone this season. The Boltune earbud is Bluetooth with stereo headphones and has a range of 50 ft. It is compact, lightweight and has a noise-canceling feature. No need to search for a charger, the sleek box is its own charging station.

The Smart Toothbrush

This as best as you can get in oral care. The Sonic smart toothbrush offers the ultimate experience in brushing your teeth. It will tell you where you have brush and where you have missed. Another feature is if you are putting too much pressure on your gums and you, it will alert you. Great for healthier gums and tongue.

handsome black leather band, stainless steel and buckle clasp watch that will suit the water sports enthusiast. It has a quartz movement and is water-resistant.

Spectacular White Gold Stud Earrings

Such exquisite jewelry must be gifted to an exquisite lady. 14kt solid gold earrings made with premium materials and polished to perfection. This is a gift that will be well appreciated.

It’s All About Sex…

The Menopause Conundrum

 it's all about sex
menopause conundrum
it's all about sex

You can call it what you want, smashing, banging, making love, dip in the honey pit, sex is a vital part of a relationship. It is like the gravy over good communication, compromising, partnership and love. In the end, it’s all about sex. This can change when unforeseen events take place, things like separation or illness. We will be talking about sex and diabetes and about more sex.

And so, the mystery starts, having great sex once menopause begins could be a hit or miss for many women. It may be diminished libido, dryness down-under or simple she’s tired, which are all acceptable situations. The menopause conundrum is like doing a puzzle and the dots are not connecting and you’re wondering why? Well, it is as simple as your body is in a tipsy turvy turmoil and you need to find ways of calming it or getting it right.

it's all about sex
it's all about sex

What is menopause

Most of us know what menopause is and for those that do not, it is when the ovaries are tired and decides they are overproducing eggs and go into retirement. Then the periods stop and most time the body gets confused and starts acting up. Before the body actually transitions into menopause there is a period of time where it goes through the stage like that of a child having a tantrum. Menstruation and normal monthly cycle get disrupted and become irregular; this is perimenopause.

During this perimenopausal period, some women go through the ups and downs of hormonal turmoil. There may be mood changes, which can be anxiety, depression, and irritability. These mood shifts can affect those around the person experiencing perimenopause.

How is your vagina behaving?

Some women experiencing vaginal or sexual issues are as serious as a heart attack. Sex is a very important part of relationships and when that is disrupted folks want answers and solutions. These specific changes in the body occur when estrogen level takes a nosedive during the perimenopausal stage. This happens over time and causes varying degrees of change.

One change that is evident is the changes that occur in the vagina. The canal may get smaller and the vagina wall becomes thinner, which can cause discomfort and infection. The cervix will become smaller and the mucous membrane throughout the vagina, secretion diminishes. Without the intervention of some sort, sex can be uncomfortable for both parties.

Where did the sex drive go?

Diminished sex drive in some women can put a crimp on an otherwise good relationship however, there are women that experience an increase in libido. These women are the fortunate few. Some other causes in low sex drive may be a reduction of the hormone production estrogen and testosterone; these are the sex hormones.

Another cause could be stress, which can impede sexual desire by increasing moodiness and emotional irritation.

The annoyance of hot flashes, night sweat, and cold flash can be a hindrance to sexual activities. The toss-up of being hot and cold in matter minutes can be disparaging when it comes to getting in the mood

Self-esteem issues can occur when a menopausal woman gains weight and becomes self-conscious about her body. The weight gain happens when hormones are out of whack and the body is performing as it did pre-menopausal.

Let’s Fix Things

When the menopausal body is being chaotic, then it is necessary to calm things down and get it back in the right state of mind. There are various remedies that can lessen the intensity or eliminate the effect of peri or menopause altogether. Over time many ‘fix it’ solution has been used to combat or reduced the effects of menopause on sex life. from natural remedies, medication, exercise, and even spells are tried by desperate sufferers

The pelvic floor exercise is one way of tightening the pelvic floor which in turn, makes the sexual experience more enjoyable. It is also known to improve incontinence and reduce pelvic organ prolapse. These exercises are safe, easy, can be done anywhere and takes roughly five minutes.

**I will not be including replacement hormone therapy as I believe there are better ways of dealing with decreased hormones.

Herbs for Increased Libido

Maca root

Horny Goat Weed

Jamaican Sarsparilla


Supplements that help balance hormone

Vitamin E

Vitamin C



Omega 3 fatty acid

We will not write any spells since we don’t know any personally.

With the hormones being balanced, the sex drive will increase, and you’ll be back to riding the stars.


10 Secrets(you know) for a Transformational Day

These 10 secrets will help transform your day and put you on the path for a power-filled day.

1 Have an early start: Wake up early. Nothing beats an early start on the day. It gives you the opportunity to maximize the time and be more productive. This is one trait of successful people.

2. Seek God’s face: Set the tone for a successful day. Seeking God’s guidance and protection on your life, your family’s life and your business will make all the difference.

3. Be positive: There is always going to b0. Be thankful for everything, even for setbacks because you will learn from them. Be gracious unto others.

4. Have a goal and purpose: It is always wise to start your day with a strategy to conquer the world. It is best to formulate a plan of attack the night before so that you can start the day off right.

5. Time: It is beneficial to make time for the important things in life such as family and friends. The greatest impact you can have on a person is to share your most precious gift, your time, talent and resources.

6. Smile: One of your biggest assets is smiling. This simple gesture can make all the difference in the world to someone and it will lift your spirit when it is reciprocated.

7. Personal Investment:   Personal development is a mandatory factor in one’s growth and focus. It is necessary to invest in one’s self to ensure your growth and advancement are keeping up with the changing economy.

9. Exercise is necessary: Exercising is not only to get the perfect body but to improve on brain functions.  Frequent exercising is a direct set-up for productivity and stress reduction. 

!0. Read daily: Read for educational purposes and to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world. Reading is fundamental to growth.


11. Networking: This a smart way of extending your reach, meeting people who may be beneficial to you or your business and vice versa. n

High Time To Eliminate Your Debt And Be Free Atlast

Being FABUFIT is not only about being fabulous and physically fit but being fit and agile in all aspects of life. It’s about being fearless, b overcoming your deepest darkest fears, it’s about finding your purpose, it’s being a badass entrepreneur and knowing how to eliminate your debt and gain financial freedom. IT IS ALL ABOUT GETTING TO YOUR GREATNESS

I am going to say it loud and clear, PAY OFF YOUR DEBT. There is no way around it unless you opt for bankruptcy and that should be your last resort. Financial freedom equals debt-free. It is unbelievable the magnitude of debt individuals has put themselves in. Most people do not want to admit to their debt load but living in secrecy will not make it go away. The shame of begin in debt keeps people trapped, and many go without seeking help or finding a solution to this national crisis. It is basically keeping up with appearances or keeping up with the Joneses that have people remaining in their debt.

Consumer Debt at an All-time High

Consumer debt

In the US, as of Feb. 2019, the consumer debt exceeded 4 trillion dollars, It is said more and more people are succumbing to their debt.

it is human nature to want more, to experience more, and have more abundance. The good life is what many strive towards, but at what cost. The house on the Hill, 3 car garage, latest tech toys, luxury cars, and fabulous vacations are all part of the good life. However, their earning does not meet their expectations. Their answer to this deficit in income is credit cards and loans, which equates to the ‘death of a dream’. This is a continuous cycle that leads to being in debt and can kill any dream to eliminate your debt and create financial freedom.


There is no shame in debt, the problem is staying in debt and not having a way out. It is important to have a clear picture of your debt. Write down your monthly income, your cost of living, what are your expenses. At this point, you will get a clear picture of what your debt looks like and can you afford all your expenses.

Tabulate your debt

A solution to a more precise view of your finance is writing down all your expenses and set up spending guidelines for your spending. Decide on using cash to make purchases and payments, then park the credits cards. Having a spending journal will help you track your daily spending and help you set up a system to reduce it.

Finance is one of the nation’s biggest concern, whether you are rich or poor there are concerns regarding finance. People worry about how much they spend, how are they going to increase their income, how are they going to keep what they have, and if they are rich the concern is how are they going to make more money or keep what they already have?

This is a subject worth examining, we are taught to never ask someone about other political views, their religion or their money. But money is a topic that needs to be addressed in this forum. Too many people are having challenges with their finances. It is important to look at the relationship with money. Is it a healthy relationship, do you respect money or are you worshipping your money? An unhealthy relationship with it can hold you back from achieving your financial goals. Once you are aware of the importance of money and it’s the ability to change lives you can develop a new mindset

Having money mindset

Deciding to eliminate your debt and get out of the debt jail can bring relief to someone having challenges in this area. Your mindset has to be in tune with your actions; making changes is one thing, but having to rewire your thoughts on money maybe a tad more difficult. Your mindset or relationship may have been created since you were a child and is planted in your brain. Understanding that money is important, and everyone has a right to it will give you and anyone else a different perspective. You will know that you can go and make money and you deserve to have an abundance.


Acquiring debt is inevitable, but one does not have to accept the situation. There are skills to learn how to acquire and maintain a debt-free life. Changing your mindset will give you the upper in managing money and enjoying its benefits.