12 Gifts For Cheapskates that they will love

Gifts for cheapskates

Being cheap is art. It takes a smart person with ingenuity to be able to successfully and proudly boast that they are cheap. A person can be cheap, and not be successful at it. If they are able to get the best at the lowest and are satisfied with what was spent, then that’s a success. If they are eating healthy and delicious at a fraction of the price, then they are successful, and are they able to spot a bargain a mile away before anyone else sees it, then you know…Here are 15 cheapskate gifts that they will love.

Metal Dector

Here` is the Duebel metal detector for adults and children that will bring hours of fun and adventure

Treasure Finder

This is so suitable for a cheapskate. Here they will be searching for treasure and having fun. Never will finding lost it item..a problem.

Beautiful and Heartful Necklace

Here is a beautiful and meaningful gift that will be heartfelt and appreciated by the recipient. This beautiful nameplate necklace with the ability for you to personalize the name or word desire to be on the nameplate. Though it is affordable it is well-made and makes as beautiful git.

Bath Bombs

Luxurious bath bombs

You have tried bath bombs in the past and have found them a pain to clean up after you’ve taken a bath. We have the luxury bath bombs that are exactly what the name says, luxury. They are organic, vegan, and made with all-natural ingredients and no clean-up after. Vibrant in color and the essential oils give them a lovely scent. They make a beautiful gift. Pick up a box today.


Satin luxury pajamas

Soft plush and comfortable pajamas that are perfect for a cozy night. A lovely gift for the hansom man that occupies your mind that wants coziness.

For the Coffee Lover

Mr Coffee warmer is ideal for the coffee lover, can also use for keeping your tea warm. Convenient and easy to use,

The Bottom Wiper tool

bottom wiper tool
Clean and clear wiper tool

This is no joke, this tool is a handy helper in getting the job done after a go. It grips toilet paper securely, it has an effective reach of range when swiping from front to back. Great for people with limited range of motion or a large derriere.

Quarantee Pandemic Campfire Enamel Mug

A hearty white glossed enamel mug that memorialized the 2020 pandemic. This will make a perfect gift for camping and outdoors enthuses.

Enamel Camp and outdoors mug

Fiber wallet

The Comfy Original–The Sherpa wearable blanket

A blanket that offers comfort, coziness, and warmth on a chilly day. Great for lounging in front of the tv or sitting by the fireplace sipping a glass of wine. You will be wrapped in the sheer comfort of fluffy sherpa material to cover yourself. This comfy blanket is excellent for an outdoor event such as a concert or a game. One size e f it all and machine washable.

Sherpa wearable blanket
Sherpa wearable blanket s

You Are Absolutely Awesome

A good selfcare book is always a welcoming gift for an individual that appreciate selfcare. People are busy and life usually gets in the way, but this book reminds you of the importance of looking after you. A wonderful gift idea.

beard kit

rechargeable facial steamer

A gift guide for pet lovers

Delightful Christmas Gift Guide for Pet lovers and their Pets.

Everyone deserves a gift at Christmas gift and that includes lovable pets. Many times it is difficult choosing the right gift for the right person and that can be frustrating. When your list is long and you have to come up with ideas for each person it is easy to run out of options. Many times one becomes overwhelmed and chooses any random gift. That is the reason I created this Christmas gift guide for pet lovers and their pets to take the frustration out of gifting.

Lets dive into the awesome gift giving guide

Carrying your pet could not be more stylish with this Henkelion Dog carrier backpack. It is versatile and your pet will be able to have a clear view of where they are at.

Pet Carrier for your pets

if you have lost a furry friend then, you will appreciate the Instant Inspirations Pet Memorial Picture Frame. In it, you can place your favorite picture of the departed pet.

christmas gift guide
Memorial Pet frame

The cat lover that enjoys wearing cute jewelry is going to love these Lumer Cat Lover Silver Stud Earrings. A gift that will be appreciated.

For hair that is left behind by your friend and easily is removed by This Pet hair removal vacuum.

Pet hair vacuumhttps://amzn.to/3dWec8M

Not being able to get to feed your pet on time can leave you feeling guilty, unless you get this Petkit Smart Automatic Pet Feeder food dispenser for cats and dogs. Your pet has never had it so good.

Automatic Pet Feeder

Pet feeder and scheduler

Nothing makes a pet owner more proud than seeing their pets looking stylish. Here is Blueberry Pet Made Well stylish dog collar in a floral pattern.

Stylish Pet Collar

More style for Fido and kitty with Adjustable Pet water-proof clothes. Lightweight rain jacket. Have your loved pet looking just as good as you are looking.

Adjustable raincoat for cute pets

It is actually fashionable to have your cat on a harness. Reflective Cat harness and leash set. Keeps your cat by your side when out walking. Anti-escape, suitable for small dogs and rabbits also.

Pet leash and harness

Does Fido get stressed out when you leave the house or get anxious when another pet comes around? Calm him with Calming Chews for Dogs. These are tasty treats and will help calm them when you are traveling or in a time of fear.

Calming Dog Chews

Show off your pet in a Pearhead Pet best friends forever picture frame keepsake. Great memories are left in a picture.

Besties picture frame.

Giving your dogs a treat can have them dancing in delight. Here is an amazing treat that they will find delicious. Puppy scoop ice-cream mix for dogs, Maple bacon

Maple bacon ice cream for dogs

I may receive a commission from sales on this page.

Is there another Agenda with the Coronavirus?

agenda with th e coronavirus

Without a doubt 2020 has been the most prolific in trials and adversity a year has ever been. The year started out fairly normal with what seemed like gossip, that China had a virus spreading to its provinces. No one expected or even though the entire world would end up being affected.

It all started in a meat market in China and ended up your backyard, taking the world by surprise and leaving thousands of dead in its path. The worst is not over, there could be a second or third wave which could be worse than the first. What is the agenda with the Coronavirus? And why it has moved like wildfire throughout the world.

The government and health agencies have brought in protocols that are installed for the safety of the country. Frequent handwashing, wearing of face mask, sanitizing your hands, and surrounding, and the killer of human interaction; social distancing. These actions have changed the world, no longer do people feel safe around others and try to distance themselves, but they get upset if you are not conforming these new norms

Conspiracy Theories

The theories have been running wild. From planned agender to one world government and everything in between. There is no doubt that coronavirus is here and is causing trouble.

Have we been brain-washed or is this just a plandemic for others agender? I do not know, but what I do know is that it is not possible that the Corona virus has affected 177 countries simultaneously and not be planned.

Well, with all the planning that has taken place many people were left ill-prepared and confused when the entire world was shut down, Economies were stopped dead in their tracks and business seized to operate. Driving through cities that were once congested and 24-hour operations were shut down. The world was at a standstill.


Though the world was at standstill, the death rate was not. The numbers were climbing steadily on a daily basis. People were devasted at losing friends and family at such a rapid rate. The hospital was overtaxed, with staff either contracting the virus or overworked. Many times, there were limited supplies to facilitate incoming patients. Not enough beds were available, and the morgues were filled to capacity. It makes you wonder is there an agenda with the coronavirus

With such a catastrophe at hand, there was the promise of a vaccine to save the world. Would this vaccine be ready in a suitable time period to save time? The answer is NO. For a vaccine to be safe to administer to humans it must go through rigorous testing and takes several years to complete. So, if a vaccine would miraculously appear on the market this quick, what would your thoughts be? Is there another agender with the coronavirus.

Some policies and Recommendations

agenda with the coronavirus

What are your thoughts when it comes to social distancing and the effects it has had on people in general? I will share my thoughts with you. We were created as social beings and when this natural behavior is altered there are negative consequences. There were a lot of people that live alone, and they were isolated for months. The non-human contact left many depressed, and anxiety levels were at a high. Basically, the number of mental illness cases rose.

The face mask revolution is here. At first, when the orders were an issue that face masks were to wear at all times while out and about, some people opposed. Now, a face mask is a fashion statement and will be here for a while. One surprising recommendation is that from Canada’s head doctor, that masks should be worn when having sex. Thru it all, there are folks that have gotten into an altercation with the non-mask wearer, that opposed to mask-wearing. The world has definitely changed, and people’s mindsets have changed.


Some folks are resting on the notion that the world is coming to an end and others think it is the onset of one-world government. Whatever it is that is about to occur we must have our heads screwed on right, have ours home in order, ourselves in order and approach head-on with clarity. Coronavirus is here for the long haul, agenda with coronavirus or not.

What are thoughts on this whole virus situation and where do you stand on it? Leave me a comment for the research I am doing. Thank you.

Surefire Ways to Make Money on Pinterest and carve your niche

The 40 year old woman wants to make money on Pinterest just like anyone else.

make money on Pinterest

Well friends, if you have not been using Pinterest to make money and to get exposure, then you have been missing out. However, all is not lost, you can play catch up.

Let me explain a bit about Pinterest. This amazing platform is a search engine and not a social media platform. I know a few people are going to be disappointed, but for people like me, I love it the way it is. It is where you can pin and save images and optimize them with good keywords Folks searching can find your pins even if they are not following you.

Getting to know Pinterest and make money

It is a platform that is being used by bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to facilitate their need for traffic to their site. Although you do not necessarily need a website to use Pinterest, you do need to know the mechanism of the platform and how things work.

 It is documented that 89% of users are using Pinterest for purchasing decisions, inspiration, and motivation. This makes it perfect for the 40+ entrepreneurs and marketers who are looking for something more sophisticated to make money on Pinterest. With that being said, there are several ways to make MONEY ON Pinterest. A person can sell their own products and services, for example, eBooks, physical products. There is also the opportunity of affiliate marketing and that of a virtual assistant.

Establish your niche and authority

This is most important carve out your niche. People like to be able to pinpoint what your pins about and things look cohesive. For example, my blogs Fabufit Woman and I cater to the 40 year and over woman. So, whatever content I produce it has to be of benefit to her. That is having a niche and I am also establishing my brand, Fabufit Woman.

The 40-year-old female entrepreneur will need to step up her game on Pinterest and do somethings that will grow her account and have her making money.

So, I suggest getting Tailwind. This is a powerful tool that will escalate your Pinterest viewership therefore, your income will increase.

Tailwind will allow you to share and organize your pins and get visitors to do the same thing. Have a strategy for pinning in Tailwind and utilize the boards.

Relevant Boards to maximize Pinterest

Pinterest is tickled when you create relevant boards and place your pins there for organic exposure. It is best to get in the habit of doing things the right way as it makes things easier. The premise is to have relevant contents pinned in relevant boards.

So, optimizing your boards is necessary for massive Pinterest traffic. You should get in the habit of optimizing each of your boards.

If you need confirmation for what I am about to say, you should do your due diligence and research. It has been statistically proven that you can make money online with Pinterest. The testimonials are plentiful on the Pinterest platform and on YouTube. The numbers are staggering, and this is only the start of the new online culture. Though Pinterest is a favorite for bloggers to get traffic to their site, there are other ways to make money on Pinterest.

make money on Pinterest

There are several opportunities that affords you to make money and one is affiliate marketing. This a lucrative opportunity that if done right the payoff is great. And for some affiliate offers, you do not need to have a site. Another way is to be a Pinterest manager. For this you will be simply managing accounts by pinning and arranging your board clients and anything else to do with the account.

So, FOR Pinterest success, you want to know your niche, who are you marketing to, and are you fulfilling their needs.

With that said, making money consistently on Pinterest is doable with just a few things in place you should be on your way to financial freedom.

The Woes and Symptoms of Menopause

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The woes and Symptoms of Menopause

Oh my gosh! I am so hot…no, I am so cold

When I first started this whimsical and disturbing journey called menopause. I would wake up screaming wtf is happening to me. Here I was hot one moment, then shivering like I was in an ice box the next. Things were happening I could not understand. I was told the brutal truth by a doctor, “Symptoms od Menopause”

Recognizing menopause symptons

Those hot flashes are not playing, they creep up on you like a thief in the night. Ravishing your body and manipulating temperature control. You would-be lying-in bed and suddenly you become flushed in the head and the sensation starts going down your neck. It continues down the body, seducing it with intense heat and sweat. You feel like jumping out of your skin, but then you remember what the doctor said, “Symptoms of Menopause”.

Then it hit me, this is real. Menopause is no joke and it is taking no prisoners. I decided to do some research and know all I can about this unstoppable brute force called menopause. The more research I did, the scarier it became. The list of symptoms I came up with is longer than my monthly grocery list.

A List of Menopause Symptoms

This is a partial list of symptoms women may experience during menopause.

Hot flashes

Cold sweats

Mood swings


Lack of focus



Weight gain


Chronic bad breath

Headaches Sore breast

Digestive issues

Achy joints

But…With all that the 4 symptoms that scared me the most and if I did experience any of them it would be like Witchcraft.

Low sex drive

Dry vagina

Facial hair and chronic bad breath

I am thankful that I was speared the brutal reality of those symptoms.

All About Coping

This is a partial list of symptoms women may experience during menopause.

Hot flashes

Cold sweats

Mood swings


Lack of focus



Weight gain


Chronic bad breath

Headaches Sore breast

Digestive issues

Achy joints

But…With all that the 4 symptoms that scared me the most and if I did experience any of them it would be like Witchcraft.

Low sex drive

Dry vagina

Facial hair and chronic bad breath

I am thankful that I was speared the brutal reality of those symptoms.

symptoms of menopause

Coping With the symptoms

After that research, I had to go self-medicate with a double shot of vodka and a chocolate bar. Later I saw that incontinence

After that research, I had to go self-medicate with a double shot of vodka and a chocolate bar. Later I saw that incontinence

Flashes and slashes during menopause

was also a symptom, I had a double scoop of pistachio ice cream. All this seem like it was about to be torture in the 21 centuries. The great thing is that not every woman going through menopause will experience all the symptoms.

Hot flashes, brain fog, trouble sleeping, and cold sweat seem to be my nemesis and I have discovered means and ways of reducing or eliminating these symptoms (I will speak about that in another post).

When I first started experiencing hot flashes and cold sweats, they had me confused. I would get in bed at 11 pm in my PJs and by 3 am I would be naked and sweltering in heat. Then by 7 am I am back in PJs shivering like I am in an icebox. It was confusion and a conundrum, to say the least.

Living in a daze

My husband was living in a daze, he had no idea how to maneuver around what was happening. Getting dress for bed was an issue, he didn’t know what season it would be, He ‘d go to bed and it was hot, and he’d wake to icicles on his nose. The struggle was real.

It has been said by both conventional and traditional medical professionals that converting to a healthy lifestyle would be beneficial in easing menopause and its symptoms. It is recommended to eat foods high in vitamins and mineral and also with high nutritional values. Reduce process foods, high sugar content, high carbs, and foods with bad fats. These less than healthy foods will intensify the disruption in the body caused by hormonal changes.

Turning to fruits and green leafy greens to combat your out of control body reaction to menopause. Your best bet is to calculate your food macros and consume the right balance of complex carbs, good fats, and a healthy dose of protein, and low carb veggies. Eat in a timely manner to ward off hunger and blood sugar spike.

The Joy of Herbal remedies

This was my saving grace and go to relief. I have found herbs and remedies that alleviate most of the symptoms I was experiencing. The efficacy of herbal remedies has been proven over and over by users that have benefited. There are many herbs and foods that are capable of providing phytoestrogen to the body. Phytoestrogen components derived from plants and attach themselves to the hormone estrogen and thus relieving the effects of menopause. One food that is high in phytoestrogen is soya, here the benefit is relieving hot flashes and helping with weight loss.

Get your body moving

It is important to incorporate exercise in your daily routine. HIT and resistant training are the exercises most effective for the menopausal woman. If exercise and eating a proper diet is paired, this is a recipe for weight loss and the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. This will also tame the wild spirit of menopause and offer relief.

How to put the sexy back in your forty-year-old body

put the sexy back ib your forty year old body

Confidence is the key to put the sexy back

Younger people think hitting forty is old and time for the retirement home, but truth be told, getting to forty is exciting. This age is where you accept yourself, you know what you want, how you want it and when you want it. Minor things are just what they are, and you stress less about the things you cannot change. One thing that may have slipped off on your way to forty is your sexiness. So, this post is about how to put the sexy back in your forty-year-old body.

Being sexy has nothing to do with wearing booty shorts and going bra-less in public; it is actually the opposite. It is getting in the habit of wearing sexy or racy underwear. No one has to know what you have on under your outfit, but you. This instantly gives you the sexy vibe that transmits unto others without you putting in the extra effort. When you feel sexy you will look sexy.

When you feel sexy your confidence soars. Confidence is loving yourself and feeling good about you. You do not have to look like a supermodel to be sexy, in fact, sexiness has nothing to do with looks. It is having that hit factor that folks cannot put their finger on. It is almost like having a light around you.

The Hit Factor

Have you ever been somewhere, and someone walks in a room and everyone turns around almost simultaneously to look at them? You noticed t hat there is something magnetic that pulls people to them.

In order to develop your confidence, one has to get rid of all the negativity that has been place on them. Now, replace it with positive affirmations on a daily basis. Look in a mirror and speak to yourself, tell yourself you are worth it, how much you love yourself and deserve to be loved. You can do anything you put your mind to do. The secret is believing what you are speaking in your life and then your confidence will start developing and the sexy will start emerging. It is injecting positivity, self-worth, and be assured. You will feel better about yourself and other will see the confident you.

You are not the center of attention

The world does not revolve around you. There is no need to be the center of attention to be sexy. Do not get it in your head that everyone needs to focus on you for you to feel sexy. Be comfortable with being just you. What others think should not distract from the fact that you are comfortable with yourself.

How to put the sexy back in your forty- year old body is not by beginning overly provocative and sensual; it is simply displaying class and style. It is mainly how you carry yourself and not how you look. Don’t get me wrong looks are appealing, but when it fades nothing is going to be left. Beauty is not sexy; It is provocative. Sexy is your personality you exude that enhances with your confidence.

Love your Imperfections

It may be time to get out of the internal mirror and do a bit of self-evaluation. Finding fault with themself is what ladies do however, that is wrong. Accepting your imperfections and respecting your body, you will have a ‘take me as I am attitude and that is because you are COMFORTABLE WITH your body.

Sexy will be the new you when you put all the above into consideration. Your confidence will soar and you will feel better about yourself. Now, that your mental state is set right you can embellish yourself with sexually appealing clothing, within limits of course. You no longer have to go to Jamaica to get your groove back.         

Losing Weight after the age of forty

butt and waist size increasing
butt and waist size increasing

For most of us an inspection of ourselves in the mirror will bring forth nothing but fault findings. We will be looking for things that are not there and when we do find something, we obsess about it. You will be looking and see that one grey that has appear and it seems the end of your youth. Looking in the mirror and noticing you are looking a bit rounder and wonder, is my butt and waist size increasing? Belly fat usually is the culprit to waist size increasing.

Your answer is evident by the evidence, are your clothing fitting the same, have you weighed yourself or have you changed your eating habits. Once you have reached a certain age it is important to reevaluate, you’re eating and work out plan. There is no way you can continue eating the same way you ate in your twenties now that you are in your forties. Your body will burn food different; your caloric intake will be different and how you burn calories will be different also.

It is necessary to make effective changes to your eating and lifestyle today in order to have a healthy tomorrow. Change your relationship with food, how you interact with it and the choices you make.

The father of medicine, Hippocrates claimed to have said, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Choose the foods that will heal and render good to your body. A variety of whole foods will ensure that the body receives the highest nutritional value. Organic fruits and vegetables may play a part in delivering pesticide and GMO-free food.

The nitty gritty of losing weight after forty

It may seem like it is impossible to lose weight after the age of forty, due to the fact of trying a wide range of diets without achieving the results you are looking for. By the way, all is not lost. There are many ways to lose weight and keep it off after the age of forty. The main thing about your new journey is to develop good habits toward food and exercise.

At the age of forty the metabolic rate slows down, and the body requires fewer calories to operate. This makes the body require less food however, food consumption does not usually change and therefore, leading to belly fat. Metabolism is the process in which the body uses food and calories for energy. So, supply according to the demand of the body, the excess will result in butt and waist size increasing. In order to minimize the expansion of the butt and waist, it is recommended that calorie-burning foods be consumed.

Your Metabolism has decided to slow down

Instead of cutting calories, eat more fat burning foods

When you were at a younger age your body would burn calories without any problems however, now that you are over forty your body is not doing everything you want it to do. And that is because your metabolism has slowed down.

Being able to eat your food without worrying about your overall health and gaining, then knowing that the result will be fat burning is a relief to those concerned individuals. It is great having a variety of fat-burning foods in the diet that are colorful, delicious, and nutritious. Foods like Quinoa, an assortment of berries, grapefruit, avocado, salmon, olive oil, steel cut oat, cabbage, and apples. These are best consumed regularly being incorporated in your regular eating plan. If they are prepared deliciously, then their consumption will be more.

Changing how you work out

Exercising is great for toning the body and achieving the curves where you want them. It is also great for weight to lose however, how you exercise is important. Regular cardio is good, but HIIT is better. Weight training is a must if you want to accelerate weight loss. Increasing your activity level will help you reach your goals.

Changing how you work out with High Intensity Interval Training

More than likely after the age of forty belly fat has become an issue and will not go away with regular aerobic exercise so, one has to change up their way of doing it. Hitt will allow you a better body mass and level out insulin which is a correlation to belly fat.

There are several alternative methods of losing weight that is beneficial. One that is popular is the infrared sauna. This is where you would enter into an enclosed space that has infrared light. The body will slowly heat up, and excess sweating will occur thus, removing toxins and fat.


After the age of forty you noticed that your butt and waist size increasing, it is no fault of your own. Hormonal changes and wreak havoc to your body. Your metabolism is not firing as before, and the calories are not burning as they once were. Adjusting your food intake and what you eat can be beneficial to your outcome. The body requires a different set of practices for exercising and weight training in order to lose weight successfully. Overall, getting a healthy and fit body is possible with a little tweaking to your regimen and a lot of consistency.

How to grow traffic to your blog to 200 visitors per day Challenge

how to grow traffic to your blog

This challenge has been a long time coming. I have wanted to step out of my comfort zone and do some things that are uncomfortable. Growth occurs when you face the challenges and dive headfirst into uncharted territories. So. I am undertaking this challenge on how to grow traffic to your blog to 200 visitors per day. This may seem ambitious, but it is doable.

I am aware that having blog traffic of 200 hundred visitors per day is minor for some bloggers, but to Fabufit Woman’s site is a major jump. This blog is over a year old and the growth has been slow over the months. I am aware that there are a few instrumental things that need to be done for growth to occur. More emphasis on the traffic part of things and the increase in postings will take place. I will also be implementing other methods to achieve my goal. Traffic is essential to any blog that is seeking to grow and teach and influence others.

grow your t traffic to your blog.

Getting the right visitors

This is not merely about getting just any ole visitor to the blog, it is about attracting the unique ones that are searching for what you are offering. That means finding out where a lot of over 40s ladies hang out and seduce them to the site. Using the word beauty is not a bad word, but it is a word that identifies with mature women that are obsessed with looking and feeling their best. They are not limited, and demand is out there for this kind of information. The main thing that I need to know is where I am to find these people. Making a list of places and categorize them by their age, likes and hobbies will make them easy to find. Oh but, social media is not dead, but alive and relevant.

Here I will update business pages and revive dormant ones. The trick is to recognize which one of these sites work best with this site. Twitter is a large platform that has always been good to us here at Fabufit Woman. However, Facebook is king in the game. So, my emphasis will be FB. I will also do a bit of targeting to LinkedIn because of the mature professional women in my reach.

Pinterest has been my go to traffic source for a while, I will be vamping my Pinterest profile and be pinning more often.

how to grow blog traffic
woman blogging

Facebook Page and attracting more visitors.

There is a FB page for Fabufit Woman that I recently revive, and I will be spending a lot of time there targeting potential readers to the blog. I thought about having a giveaway on the site and directing persons to the blog. The most important thing is to be consistent with quality content and it should be relevant to the site. Fabufit Woman is all about being fabulous in every aspect of her life and we want to transmit that to her.

Content is still the boss

Improving the content and making my posts longer will ensure readers get sufficient material to satisfy their need for meat.  Yes, longer post still is king and will beef up my blog and its readership. Five hundred-word blog posts do not necessarily carry the same weight as a thousand-word post. With that said, it is important to have a variety of content throughout the blog, so you can attract different readers. Some will have short attention span while there will be others that want to lazy back with a cup of coffee and graze over an article.

how to grow traffic to blog

Giving the people what they want

Knowing how to grow your blog to 200 visitors per day takes a lot of research to see what is working and what is outdated. The important factor is finding out what the potential reader wants and be able to fulfill that want. So, creating easy to read, informative and enjoyable content will have your readers coming back for more.


This traffic growth challenge for my blog is all about increasing my daily traffic flow. With readers I may as well be writing for myself and while I love reading, I would love even more other people reading it also. Therefore, I will be implementing several strategic moves the blog readership.

If you have other suggestions I could add to my list, I would be appreciative. Leave me a comment and let us get the conversation started.




The journey is not for the swift, but for the resilient.

Life’s trials are forever shaping and molding you into the person you were created to be. Along the way you will be drawn to places you never knew existed, it will dig deep in your mind and soul and overturn everything you thought you knew.

This life journey is self-exploratory, it is understanding the inner you. What makes you happy, do you know what happiness is and can you give it and receive it? Are you capable of finding it?

Happiness is your true meaning in life. Whether it is spiritual, financial, relationship, emotional, it is your truth.


You will pass through trying times as we are in, now. This is an indecisive time and you are feeling unsure of what the outcome will be. But you do not have to be anxious or worried because you can create your own destiny. The power is you to act before it is too late. How hungry are you for success? Do you have that insatiable drive to achieve more and not sit and accept what was dished out to you? If the answer is yes, then you have what it takes to change the trajectory of your life.


You have the will to attract what you want. Once your mind has been made up on something you want, the next step is to START.


And so,many people are paralyzed by fear and are afraid to start. They become NON-ACTION takers, they are on the sideline looking on, while others are in the game. FEAR is a liar and the ROBBER OF DREAMS.

In this climate we are in, there is no time for procrastination. It is now or that opportunity will pass you by. This is not a time for scare tactics, but it is a time for reality checks. If this economic climate continues for another 2-3 months will you be able to come out of it unscratched? Will things fall back into place and you pick up where you left off. Well, think again. Businesses have been closed for weeks, how many do you think are going to be able to open back up and continue as before. Not a lot. We are embarking on a new way of working. The majority of folks will consider working from home and online. This social distancing has changed people’s mindset of interacting. Some have been traumatized by the illness or the loss of loved ones and so, social interacting has changed for them


There is hope

It will now be online interacting that will be the norm. For instance, the online APP HOUSE PARTY has been around since 2016 and now with this crisis has become the norm for people gathering. It has taken on a new popularity for the 16-29-year-old demographics. There has been an upsurge in social media activities. People are buying and selling without hesitation.

New online business is forming every day and opportunities are plentiful however, not every business is suited for everyone. Here is an eBook that breaks down this new economy and the opportunities available with the best results. When you understand what is happening and where the economy is heading you will have a clearer picture of the opportunities that are available.


How to treat a 40 yr old body?

HOW TO TREAT A 40 YR OLD BODY and having it looking good

Hallelujah! You are in your forties and you feel your body has finally got to the point where you understand it. The re is the known factor that ice-cream will bloat you, chocolate makes your acne break out and hair shrinkage is a beast. With all that said you are happy with it at this point. Until someone like me comes along and asks, “how to treat a forty-year-old body”. It makes you take a second look at what it is that you do to maintain a healthy body.

Taking Care of Your Hair

Your hair is your beauty, if anyone says differently is because they have none. Haircare can be defined as your personal routine caring for it. This may consist of shampoo, conditioning, treatments, trimming and or style. Using the right products for your hair type will ensure healthy hair. Many times it may be necessary to seek out specialized products to combat an issue.

Skincare for women over forty

How to treat a forty year old body
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Taking care of your skin at any age is paramount. Therefore, keeping wrinkles and fine lines away is doable with a skincare routine. The first thing is to understand your skin, what makes it happy and what makes it not so happy. So, your skin can be oily, dry or a combination. When you first start out in your teens or early twenties your skin could maintain itself with little help from you. But as you age it becomes more dependent on you for customized care.

If you an unaware of your skin type or what kind of product to use, then contacting a skin professional is your best bet.

Even though your skin has been deemed oily, dry or a combination it can change according to whats going on in your body, your diet or the weather. All these things can dictate a change in the visibility and health of your skin. Taking care of your forty-year-old skin means properly washing with a ph-balanced cleanser, toning, moisturizing and using a serum as an added arsenal. This regimen will help keep your face soft and supple.

How to treat the skin on the rest of your body

The skin the largest organ and so there is more of it than anything else you’ve got. Taking care of your overall body can be a lot of fun, There is a plethora of body scrubs and washes that are available. Exfoliating the body keeps it smooth and soft by removing dead skin. Using a rich skin butter will add the needed moisture after exfoliation. Sometimes the skin needs a boost and an application of vitamin C serum will do the trick.

How to get your health on in your 40-year-old body

How to treat a forty year old body
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I don’t believe in treating only the outside of the boy because the inside is just as important in having a healthy body. Eating a balanced diet will ensure that the body gets the nutrients it needs to be healthy. Sometimes you are not able to get all the nutrients from food and so supplementation is required. A good multivitamin is usually all need to supplement your diet. Drinking sufficient water to keep you hydrated is good for colon health. To top off all these good practices, I should mention sleep. A good night’s rest, between 7 and 8 hours of sleep is recommended by, experts.


How to treat a 40-year-old body is no different than you would treat your 30-year-old skin. But with the exception of a few customs added products. know your skin type to better care for it. Many times it is not what you put on the skin that is going to serve you best, but you put into it.

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