Valentine’s Day dessert recipe book for lovers

Valentine's Day dessert book. Love Bites

Not often you come across a small simple Valentine’s Day dessert book for lovers. When I saw it I had to smile at the intention of this book. It was simply to get couples spending time together in a fun way, doing something they will both enjoy. After all, everyone loves dessert and the thought of actually making it with your love is kinda cool. It is none other than “Love Bites” by Miz Cherry Blossom

Have fun baking

Love bites...Godiva chocolate

I personally got this book and the price was extremely affordable…less than my coffee in the morning. My special guy and I will be having fun attempting to make some of these desserts. Although, I know he doesn’t know the oven different from the dishwasher we’ll have a roar.

The first thing is going to be the German chocolate cake since that is my all-time favorite dessert. Valentine’s Day is upon us and this is a neat little book to have in your collection…Enjoy

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